Hyggelig Resources

Simple lists of things I am finding useful in my quest to Hygge the British Way. It’s an ever-evolving list of my favourite resources, so keep checking. I won’t recommend anything I haven’t actually found useful.  Enjoy x


Hygge Books;

The Book of Hygge; The Danish Art of Living Well by Louisa Thomsen Brits: This is a lovely volume, beautifully produced with photographs of candles, wraps, throws, wood, and other symbols that sum up hygge. Louisa is a writer who lives in east Sussex and is of Danish heritage. She includes a lot of the philosophy behind Hygge, the reasons why to rather than the simple how. I love the liberal use of quotes throughout, and there are many lines from the book that just shout out to be made into Facebook inspirational quotes and shared.  Louisa is on both Instagram and Twitter, so go find and follow if you like her work.

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking; Published in September 2016, this is one of the best  books looking beyond the simple “candles and cosy toes” approach to Hygge. Meik is the CEO of  the Happiness Research Institute in Denmark. His book has facts and figures presented prettily in blue and orange tables, along with a lot of personal stories and thoughts. he’s a great believer in the outdoors and how the weather can heighten hygge. If you get a chance, listen to the book on Audible as well. He has a cute Danish accent.

The Art of Hygge; How to Bring Danish Cosiness into your Life by Jonny Jackson and Elias Larsen: OK, truthfully this is a picture book for adults. It’s a collection of pictures from all around the world that catch a little hint of hygge in different ways. There isn’t a big philosophical element to it, and the ideas are all ones you would get yourself just sitting and thinking about what you’d like to do. There are chapters on crafts for instant hygge, decorating the home, recipes for cosy nights in that could have been taken from a good Scandinavian Christmas recipe book and a chapter on outdoor activities. But the look of the book is beautiful. The pages of photos are arranged well and I have to recommend it just on that point alone. It won’t get you soul searching the why but it will make your soul happy if you are a visual learner. It’s like Hygge Lite.

Hygge Candles:

The Danes aren’t big into scented candles and, a lot of the time, neither am I. But sometimes (*cough* Christmas) it’s good to have a scent that works in the house and makes you feel hyggelig just sniffing it. So I’ve included my favourite scented candles as well.

Thick Church Candles; I love these in a hurricane lamp on my fireplace. I have bought Aura Essential Oils Church Candles before and, although they make a fair bit of soot, they do burn a long time.

Tealights; You need tealights everywhere when it’s dark and raining outside. I have mine in jars along the mantelpiece and around the room. Ikea’s Glimma candles burn well and last for about 4 hours; mostly long enough to see you through an evening of hygge.

A Christmas Scented Candle; I know you can get Yankee Candles in every flavour going, and I have some, but for British Hygge it’s nice to have a British made candle. Lily Flame Candles are made in Somerset and although small in size pack a punch in scent. My favourite is the Festive Cheer tin, with a beautiful mix of chocolates, gingerbread, tangerine and nuts. very festive!


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