Hygge Recipe Box

Recipe Tuesday: Lincolnshire Toady

Everybody has favourite recipes: today’s is one of my favourites. Toad in the Hole nowadays is traditionally seen as sausages in essentially a Yorkshire Pudding batter and baked until crispy, but as recently as Mrs Beeton it was customary to use whatever bits of meat you could find. Felicity Cloake has a wonderful article on the history of the dish here. I really couldn’t do … Continue reading Recipe Tuesday: Lincolnshire Toady

A Weekend with…. Claire from Above the River

After my weekend off last week, I’m delighted to be back with another favourite blogger of mine who shows real hygge in her posts. Claire of Above the River is a mother, knitter and crafter and generally all round good egg. Her blog is a wonderful record of family life and seasonal beauty, with nature playing a big part. I asked Claire some questions, and … Continue reading A Weekend with…. Claire from Above the River

Hygge Book: The Spring House by Alison May

Alison May writes a blog called Brocante Home, a site dedicated to fluffiness and fripperies and creating a Life Less Ordinary. It doesn’t sound very hyggely, does it? And, indeed the site itself could hardly be further from the clear, bare Scandi-chic interiors that hygge is usually paired with. But you know I call my blog How to Hygge the British Way for a reason, … Continue reading Hygge Book: The Spring House by Alison May

How do we reach the next step?

“Until we get past the need to teach people how to pronounce the word in the first paragraph, (or worse, on the cover), then we are just babes in the woods. I’m waiting for an in depth hygge book, one that covers hygge design, decoration, atmosphere, activities, baking, parties, philosophy. There is still room for a beautiful coffee (and cake) table book written by someone … Continue reading How do we reach the next step?

Recipe Tuesday: Marmalade Loaf

My Mum’s cousin has cancer. Cancer is a big scary word, especially when it’s inoperable and there’s only one ending, so the question always becomes how long. My Mum’s cousin has always seemed like an Aunty to me. She lives in Blackpool, about 60 miles away, but her family came from St Helens. That’s a mining and glass-making town, not well known for being very … Continue reading Recipe Tuesday: Marmalade Loaf

Is Hygge minimalism? Is minimalism hyggely?

You are going to hate my answer.   Yes.   And no. Hygge isn’t minimalism isn’t hygge…. but the two go well together. They’re good bedfellows, with neither being intrinsically better or more worthy than the other. You don’t need to be a minimalist to have hygge in your life, but you don’t need to hygge to be a minimalist. There are minimalists who are … Continue reading Is Hygge minimalism? Is minimalism hyggely?