Research comes first…. Always x

Hyggering that won’t cost the Earth: that’s a great ambition. I’m busy today, but I grabbed a few minutes at lunchtime to trawl the internet looking for resources (books, videos, websites) that will give me a great start on my year of bringing less in to get more out of life. Some of the books I have already: greening my life has always been an … Continue reading Research comes first…. Always x

What’s the Future for my Blog?

It’s three years almost since I started this little blog: I only aimed to write for one year, to live hyggely and to see what effect it had on me, a weary and worn soul who had escaped from school into an office and was looking at enjoying the little things in life. It’s been a fantastic three years. I opened a Facebook page, and … Continue reading What’s the Future for my Blog?

Mother Nature And Other People

Mother Nature: I love the idea of Nature as a mother, don’t you? It’s such a warm, cosy feeling to think that there’s an anthropomorphic personification looking after the natural world (and us, too: we’re part of the natural world, like it or not) in the same way as a stereotypical mother looks after a stereotypical family, with food, shelter, sustenance of mind and body … Continue reading Mother Nature And Other People