Summer Hygge in the Home

#summerhygge is so underrated. I think because of the emphasis when hygge first hit the Really Big Time on it being about candles and cosiness, we forgot that cosiness isn’t a seasonal activity, so when summer happened last year, people felt inclined to put their hyggely thoughts away. I’m pleased that this year on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hygge is still out there. We’re learning, … Continue reading Summer Hygge in the Home

Fill Your Bedtime with Hygge

The last in my series of boosting your chances of hygge through the day, and it seems apt to finish with bedtime. Ending your evening on the right note can boost your chances of a good night’s sleep and that, as science has shown, is absolutely vital for good health mentally and physically. Experts recommend a good eight hours of sleep every night. Don’t laugh. … Continue reading Fill Your Bedtime with Hygge

Fill Your After School Hours with Hygge

Most parents I know try very hard to carve out some time after school for their children, whether that’s working fewer hours, or simply pushing bedtime back so that they get time after work. It’s a special time of the day, an opportunity to talk over things and to bond with your children. I was very fortunate in that, when mine were at Primary school … Continue reading Fill Your After School Hours with Hygge

Fill Your Morning with Hygge

Are you a morning person? If you are, lucky you! I’m a night owl. At college, I would rather sleep from 2 in the morning until 10 and wake up mid-morning ready to start the day. I love staying awake late at night reading, painting, watching, planning. It’s much better to be a morning person, especially when you have children and suddenly a lie-in becomes … Continue reading Fill Your Morning with Hygge

Fill Your Day With Hygge

I have had a most beautiful Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK. The sun shone, the sky was a most magnificent azure blue, we had nothing much planned, and the weekend was free to unfold magnificently.   I very often find some of the most hyggely moments of my life are those I haven’t planned for: the impromptu barbecue, the coffee grabbed in haste … Continue reading Fill Your Day With Hygge

Hello, Monday! I am planning ahead.

It’s sunny out, but there’s a wind that catches the sign outside and makes a moaning noise now and again. The wind’s not in the right direction to push the door open, thank Goodness, or the ceiling tiles would be rising and falling like waves at the beach. The passers-by have coats on, jackets rather than heavy winter coats, and some have a warm jumper … Continue reading Hello, Monday! I am planning ahead.