June passed me by: How did that happen?

I must really apologise for being such a bad blogger at the moment. Truthfully I have been struggling with a family issue that has really knocked me for six since March. At a time when I should have been happily emerging from my winter hibernation, blinking at the sun and planting seeds for summer blooms, I was staring into space, looking like I’d been caught … Continue reading June passed me by: How did that happen?

Mother Nature And Other People

Mother Nature: I love the idea of Nature as a mother, don’t you? It’s such a warm, cosy feeling to think that there’s an anthropomorphic personification looking after the natural world (and us, too: we’re part of the natural world, like it or not) in the same way as a stereotypical mother looks after a stereotypical family, with food, shelter, sustenance of mind and body … Continue reading Mother Nature And Other People

Summer Hygge on the Beach

I love reading magazines, especially lifestyle and interior magazines. I like the ones that are down-to-earth or more practical most of the time, but I love the occasional completely over-the-top article on glamping, picnics that involve table, baskets and complete cutlery set or other such event using so much equipment that hiring a sherpa is a real possibility. I like to imagine these articles are … Continue reading Summer Hygge on the Beach

Fill Your Day With Hygge

I have had a most beautiful Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK. The sun shone, the sky was a most magnificent azure blue, we had nothing much planned, and the weekend was free to unfold magnificently.   I very often find some of the most hyggely moments of my life are those I haven’t planned for: the impromptu barbecue, the coffee grabbed in haste … Continue reading Fill Your Day With Hygge

Hello, Monday! I am planning ahead.

It’s sunny out, but there’s a wind that catches the sign outside and makes a moaning noise now and again. The wind’s not in the right direction to push the door open, thank Goodness, or the ceiling tiles would be rising and falling like waves at the beach. The passers-by have coats on, jackets rather than heavy winter coats, and some have a warm jumper … Continue reading Hello, Monday! I am planning ahead.