Hygge Blogs

A few of my favourite friends!!! These blogs are either about hygge or just feel hyggely to me. Sometimes I just like to pop by and read their posts almost as a virtual way to meet up with them and have a cuppa with them. I hope you enjoy spending time with them, as much as I do.(They’re in alphabetical order, not order of preference)

Attic 24: Lucy writes about crochet and family life in such an open way, she’s bound to become a best friend in minutes.

Above the River: CJ writes about life with three boys living above the river Severn. There’s wildlife aplenty, as well as a life full of adventure worthy of the Famous Five!

Happy As A Dane: Line West writes as a Danish anthropologist and writer now living in the US. It’s a lovely family based blog.

Montana Happy: Kelly found her happiness on a trip to Montana to visit her cousin, and brought it home to her own house. Her blog categories are Recipes: Simple Living: Gardening. You can’t get much more hygge than that. Food: Hygge: Nature.

Northridge Farm: Heather Bruggeman lives a life as far away from mine as possible: small country based, US, dedicated to living off her own land, and yet so many principles still apply. I love her photographs, and the courses she offers.

Ordinary Days of Small Things: Kimberly Lottman, an empty nester and wife whose husband works away a lot, writes about the small things of every day life very well with an emphasis on the cycle of the year and seasonal celebrations. I’ve only recently found the blog, so I’m working through the back catalogue.

Small Things: A homeschooling Mum of nine, based in Virginia, Ginny writes about knitting, green living and enjoying the many gifts in the world. I’ve only recently found the blog, so I’m working my way through the back catalogue.

Have I left out a favourite hygge blog of yours? Let me know, and if I like it, I’ll include it.

The page header is a photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash. I love the idea of grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and catching up on social media in a quiet five minutes. All these blogs are useful ways to pass time, by which I mean they add something to the quality of my life, not make me angry. Hans’ photo catches that pause in life well.

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