Hygge in the Big City

hygge-happens-quote-ltbThis weekend I was in London with my husband. He had a day’s training to do on Saturday (to become a Notary Public. Very posh) and I was at a loose end in London…. as it happens, it was the very weekend that Kirstie Allsopp held her Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Green. I booked my tickets, made my way there and went in alone.

I stress again; I was alone, no friends, no contacts to meet, just me, my tickets and what could have been a very lonely day. But it so wasn’t.


It’s a lovely thing about crafters that they like talking about their crafts, and that they don’t leave people alone when you reach out to them. It took a smile and a “where are you from?” every time I was sat alone to be suddenly a part of a group… always small, never more than 4…. and have a friend to talk to, even if only for a few moments. What could have been a big, intimidating and lonely event watching others talking in their friendship groups was made really pleasant through a shared love. It felt really hyggelig, and I think even if the actual visitors had been stand-offish and cut me dead, the volunteer helpers would have kept me busy. I wish I knew their names, but this anonymous thanks will be all they get, sadly.


London is the Big City, but I tried this weekend to make sure and seek out hygge places, a cafe with wooden tables and open sandwiches, a pizza place that was lit sympathetically. I’m still researching the things I want to do, but already I am trying to align myself into a hyggelig frame of mind. It’s easy at home, but making hygge outside takes a degree of determination balanced by acceptance and openness.


My reading this weekend (and this week) is the inspirational The Book of Hygge by Louisa Thomsen Brits. This is so worth a book review by itself, but just to say it has a very philosophical approach; hygge is a mindful attitude and the author identifies the themes and concepts that hygge is soaked in and needs to be truly hyygelig. I’m enjoying it… much… and I find myself reaching for a pencil to make notes and underline parts just as a student would. I love her liberal use of quotes throughout and (with apologies) may well nick a few to use.

How about you? What was your weekend like? Did you find a hyggelig corner and take a moment to appreciate life?



4 thoughts on “Hygge in the Big City

  1. The last few entries are so interesting. I have tried hygge every night for the last 2 weeks. In that I have had a cold and been forced inside, it has been so interspective. Turning off the tv at 7, lighting a candle, drinking something hot, and reading something about hygge. I just wish there was someone to share it with that wouldn’t think it crazy! I guess that is where your posts will come in!!

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