Does the Queen do Hygge? I bet Queen Margrethe does.

There are days when random thoughts pop into your head and leave just as quickly. Usually when I pass through a door and forget what I’ve gone for. It’s now been proven that there is a portal problem; that even if it’s only a small door it still has a memory-wiping effect (Forbes Magazine, January 2015) so I… well, where was I? I digress.

On Tuesday a friend posted a link in The Hygge Nook;  to Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show on Radio 2, specifically the Thought for the Day. Religious or not, it’s always good to have a thought to carry with you. And it resonated with me on Tuesday; under the weather as I was, self care was an important part of my recovery. I’ll give you the full transcript of the talk.

Pause for Thought

Pause for Thought

From Canon Ann Easter, Chaplain to the Queen:

I love autumn! The garden’s all blousy and overgrown with fruit and berries and leaves turning every shade of amber; those crisp, chilly mornings give way to golden sunny days, not too hot, and then they melt into cooler evenings. But autumn’s sense of grandeur is elusive and, just as I really get into it, we seem to be slipping into winter.

So, as the mornings get darker and the evenings get longer, this is the moment to introduce the Danish concept of Hygge – (pron Hooga) and it’s loosely translated as cosiness; it’s about creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere and taking a little time to pause so that we can notice and appreciate all that’s good in our lives. For me, it’s lighting that candle I was saving for a special occasion while I eat creamed soup with added cream! I’ve got out my cardigans, gloves and scarves and found my thick tights so it’s goodbye to waxing my legs, an added bonus! – bliss!

But I know there will be good people listening who’ll find that all very self-indulgent, no matter how gloomy the weather. Christianity, and most faiths I know of, emphasise not thinking of ourselves, the importance of serving others and giving without counting the cost – and indeed, where would this world be without the love that’s translated into thousands of acts of charitable, self-sacrificial giving?

But! Jesus said ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself’ and often, while we can be quite good at loving other people, it’s the loving ourselves bit that’s difficult. But we have permission from the highest authority and I believe that taking time out, having a little hygge to restore our balance and replenish our energies means that we can go on to love and serve even better.   So let’s get cosy, break out the ginger wine and let the hygge begin!

I love the hygge-ness of the talk, the list of things that Ann is looking forward to (the bliss of not waxing her legs, hot soup and getting the gloves on!) isn’t too different from the lists posted all over the web by hyggely bloggers and Instagram posters. Canon Ann was the second woman to be ordained a priest, but what hits me about her bio is… she’s the Queen’s Chaplain. That’s the Queen’s spiritual guide and fellow companion in faith. And it got me wondering;


Does our Queen hygge? Does she have the time to hygge? Is settling down in front of the telly with soup in a bowl and a cup of tea very Monarchly?



I know from other sources that the Queen is an incredibly dutiful woman, who would never let anybody down if it were her duty to do something. But I also know that she is a family woman, who worked hard when the children were younger to have time with them, to build a life that, within the strictures of the time, was a happy family life. In a 2003 expose, The Mirror revealed ‘intimate details’ like the Queen and her Tupperware containers at breakfast. And surely any lady who loves corgis and dorgis as much as Her Maj must know how to get out into the cold and wet of the Scottish Highlands before coming in from the cold to her large, cold castle and standing by the fire before drinking a hot toddy to warm her heart.


The Queen has many, many Royal engagements, lots of times when she must sit, walk, talk and act with gravity. I can’t help but think that in her off duty times, she naturally has a hyggely side. I’m sure the Queen of Denmark does. After all, her subjects call her ‘Daisy’, and she has a history of doing excellent cool things. QEII may be getting on, more like the Nation’s Grandma than its Mother, but she still has hidden depths that we’ll never know about.

Today’s Hyggely Resources;

Some good reading on the web. These are articles I’ve found and read that I think you’ll enjoy!

Have a hyggely weekend, and I’ll see you again on Monday. I always take the weekend off to hygge with the crew!

2 thoughts on “Does the Queen do Hygge? I bet Queen Margrethe does.

    1. I’d love to think of her having a hand crocheted Mermaid’s Tail off Eugene or Beatrice that she snuggles under. It’s more likely to be a Mellin Tregawnt wool carriage blanket, though, isn’t it? And a Windsor Castle souvenir mug of Earl Grey.


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