2016: what a difference a year makes!

Last year I was a solitary voice in my family talking about hygge, lighting my candles, with crochet throws around the place. I had blogmates who did it all so naturally, but didn’t call it anything, or if they did it was basically making a home.

2016 has made hygge a word that pretty nearly everybody (short of the Man on the Moon) has heard of, and created a vast amount of articles, pages, blogs, books and merchandise all about what is, at the bottom of it, a simple concept that just slides into life, rather than being a lifestyle or a bolt-on to be added to a busy list.


And, yes, I have to plead guilty to adding to the list of blogs, by making this one, and to adding to the Facebook groups available and even to adding to the pile of articles and radio spots. I am a Hygge Ambassador, all be it an unpaid one. I see the simplicity of enjoying moments of pleasure alone and in company, of seeing home as sanctuary and I think why would you not want to approach life through the lens of happiness and warmth?

2016 has been a fantastic year for me personally. So many good things have happened.


From January when I appeared on The Chase and won it, with two people I’m glad to call friends now, to July when I changed career from school-based to Office Ninja alongside the man I love best in all the world, from September when I needed to find a creative outlet to write about hygge as pure hygge, not as part of my homemaking diary, to appearing on radio in October and November… December and into January when I have at least one newspaper article lined up, to now when I have so many more friends on Facebook and Twitter because of hygge, 2016 has been a crazy year of learning, challenge, and growth.

And 2017 looks set to continue that growth. I’ve seen The Hygge Nook go from 10 in October (10 friends I added myself) to currently on the cusp of 800 and growing more each day.


I want to write about hygge, to frame it from a British point of view, and set it out for more people to include everyday and enjoy. I can’t decide between an online course, or a book, but I know by the end of the year something will be on paper with my name on.

I want to make my hygge more personal as well, with a hygge day in Liverpool during the spring. That’s currently under development. That would be a brilliant way of connecting with local people who love to hygge.

And I want to save up for a trip to the spiritual home of hygge, to Denmark. I want to stay with a family, not in a hotel, and to experience the full hygge hit. That might not happen this year, but never say never. I would never have thought that my tally at the end of 2016 would be 3 radio interviews, 2 TV appearances and 1 print interview… and yet, here I am.


2017 has already started hyggely with 30 days of hygge. Adapted from Pia Edberg’s list in The Cosy Life, it has simple, easy and free things to do to kickstart your hyggely life in 2017. To join in, all you need to do is save or download the list, and post about it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #30daysofhygge  Look up the hashtag to find more hyggely friends to read and enjoy as well.

Finally (or firstly this year) may I wish you all a Happy and blessed 2017. Have a brilliant January, and may it only improve from there!

2 thoughts on “2016: what a difference a year makes!

  1. Thank you Jo,
    You are a superb ambassador for Hygge. You could write a book AND an online country, given time. But my preference would be an online course cos there are already quite a number of hygge books but no course that I know of. I would join. Best wishes to you and your family in 2017. 🙂


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