#pethygge and making the office a place to be.

I’m late posting today, and I’m posting one-handedly while feeding a sick guinea pig.


Sherlock did one of those “death’s door” moments that guinea pigs seem so good at, the one where they stop eating, lose weight at a frightening speed and amount for their size and have you worrying that bed may not be right tonight.

I was tired, so I did go to bed and sleep, but woke early at 6am to see how the night had gone.

Bless her, Sherlock was still looking up at me and still looking beautiful. We raced off to be at the Vets when it opened, anxious that we get Sherl sorted and get her better. Our vets, Vets 4 Pets at Penny Lane in Liverpool (that’s The Penny Lane) are brilliant, fitting us in as an emergency and looking after us all the way. We now have a totally spoiled guinea pig who expects her cucumbers held for her, and regular syringe feeding of a mix that looks like a cross between grass and porridge.

And here she is now,


Sat next to my computer and enjoying the passing show that is a solicitor’s office at work. I’d make her a permanent fixture, except Peter won’t allow it. But for today and tomorrow at least our office has its own supply of #pethygge.

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