International Hygge Day

I can’t believe there isn’t an official International Hygge Day already!! So right here and now I am claiming to be the originator of International Hygge Day on the 28th February. That’s right: you have 2 weeks to plan your Hygge for that day.


How will you celebrate International Hygge? Will you wear your slippers or socks to work? Will you buy cakes to share at break time, or just a small custard tart to enjoy yourself over a cup of coffee?


Will you save an episode or 2 of your current box set to watch with a friends after a warming meal (homemade or takeaway, as long as it’s served with love, it’s lovely) or take a picnic lunch to eat in the local park and watch the ducks go past.


Visit a church or cathedral and light a candle for those who can’t hygge for themselves, or make a donation to the charity of your choice and bless them who can’t be helped at the moment.


Smile all day (it really winds people up) or make a special effort to be the happy person who thanks everybody for being alive.

Spread the joy: be the hygge you want to see in the world.

Feel free to share any of the images on this post to social media, or create your own (but if you could put a link to me in any captions, I’d be grateful) and let’s get the world hyggering on February 28th. This year, next year and for many years to come!


I’ll be sharing these over on all my social media. You can find me on  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I love finding people, making friends and reading posts A LOT!

And if you’d like to support me in my role as a Hygge Ambassador, why not share the cost of a cup of coffee with me? I want to keep the blog sponsor free, so I need support to keep me able to buy the books, games, household items that I review. You can give to me via my Paypal account by clicking through here. Every penny helps me to be able to keep ruthlessly independent and is very much appreciated.

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