A Weekend With…..

Announcing my new series: A Weekend With…..


Every Friday (as often as I am able: please excuse holidays or emergency weeks at work) I will share a blog with you. Not absolutely a blog about hygge, but a hyggely blog. There are so many brilliant blogs out there run by people who are the epitome of my opinion of hygge, that we (the Rest of the World) have been doing it naturally for quite some time but never actually had a name for it, and so never actually placed emphasis on it.


I’m betting you could think of a blog where the writing makes you feel cosy, safe, like talking to a friend, where the photos sum up home or life or nature to you and where the whole tone of the blog just makes you relax. I know I have a few good blog heroes that have made me happy over the years and it’s time now for them to take centre stage. It’s time to look at them through the lens of hygge and to enjoy spending time with them. Some of them are uber-heroes, with circulation we can only dream of, others are small private blogs that just have the right atmosphere. Like with Yoda, size doesn’t matter. What matters is that each has a character and a style that works.

Attic 24: a brilliant crochet and life blog that is beautifully hygge-filled. Lucy has kindly agreed to be featured!


It’s my gift to you: a Friday with a friend, sometimes an old friend, sometimes a new mate but someone that you can spend time with over the weekend, reading the back catalogue  and enjoying both the good and bad times with.

I will always be on the look out for suggestions for hyggely blogs. If you’ve got one, then please post it in the comments, or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter. And… do you think I should do Instagram accounts as well? I know several Top Hygge people who only ever post on Instagram now, because it’s so visual and immediate.

As always, if you like what you read, please follow the blog and find me on the Internet at   Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Or if you’re particularly hygge-minded, go over to Facebook to join The Hygge Nook. My favourite Facebook group. Love hearing from you!

And a request: I’m trying to remain ad-free, but I can only do that if my readers and followers are kind enough to give me the price of a coffee now and again. I’d like to have some cash to spend on products to review without them being sent to me, so that I can be absolutely impartial. You can give very easily if you have a Paypal account. Just click on this link and fill in the amount. Every little helps: I have my eye on Bronte Aurell’s old book, and a hankering to review some scandi style crochet!

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