Is Hygge minimalism? Is minimalism hyggely?

You are going to hate my answer.




And no.

Minimalism 1

Hygge isn’t minimalism isn’t hygge…. but the two go well together. They’re good bedfellows, with neither being intrinsically better or more worthy than the other. You don’t need to be a minimalist to have hygge in your life, but you don’t need to hygge to be a minimalist.

There are minimalists who are quite happy shedding their possessions, making a list of their belongings and then being competitively minimalist about anyone who has a spare mug or plate because… duh… minimalism is an extreme sport to them. That’s not hyggely.

Likewise, there are hygge lovers who will never shed a book or trinket because every one is special and means something to them. That’s not minimalism.

And yet, in my mad pursuit of hyggely moments, I find myself returning again and again to the need to be conscious of what I own and how I own it. I will never be a 100 Things minimalist, but I am a conscious consumer. I think, in a half-arsed way, I want to have a home that Sparks Joy, as in Marie Kondo’s book. If I can hold an item and it gives me joy, then I can keep it. It’s the deadwood that needs clearing, the stuff that holds no memories or gives me nothing. That’s the stuff I’m going to prune. I think I’ll call it midimalism. The middle way.

This weekend I took the opportunity to clean and clear my kitchen. I have a box of spare cutlery and a bag of plates, mugs etc that we have gained over the years ready to go to the charity shop now. I kept a load of mugs in my mug cupboard, but the mugs that are there now actually have stories behind them. There are the mugs that Sarah and I painted for Christmas the year before last, the mug that Sarah got as a present from her friend for her birthday, the mugs that 2 of my children bought from Harry Potter World (massive efforts, good for holding a hot chocolate plus cream plus marshmallows)


I can now take you on a walk through my mug cupboard and every piece has a story or a reason to justify their presence. But there’s still at least 5 mugs for every person in the house… way more than we’d need in a day. Not minimalistic, but very hyggely.

I intend to keep doing the same with everything in my house, judging it as to whether it deserves a place in our lives. My aim is to have a curated life, an examined life… and along the way to make the space to gather, to love and to enjoy. Hygge has made my life a happier experience for me. My personal midimalism will, I hope, make sure that my belongings spark joy.

And talking about sparking joy.. I am loving watching my book on Amazon. Thank you to everybody who has bought it so far. I keep looking online to check I’ve really got a book on Amazon. This was my delight this weekend:


There I was, sandwiched between two of my uber-heroines. Now if only my book could get a Best Seller label….

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Lastly, the footnotes. I read a few good articles on hygge and minimalism in writing this post. Read, enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “Is Hygge minimalism? Is minimalism hyggely?

  1. I’ve never heard the term midimalism but I love it. I could never pare things down to the bare bone, it’s such not the way I am. Having a curated life is another wonderful phrase. Nothing pleases more than sorting through a pile of clutter and making order from chaos, but that’s probably a whole other story!
    Lisa x

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