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Some days it’s just so busy at the office that I never get near a client file… today I’ve been given the chance to post not once, but twice! I was a little bit worried that Meik’s answers to my questions wouldn’t arrive before the end of the day… but here they are!

Meik’s second book, The Little Book of Lykke comes out today, and he’s been on a mad dash doing TV interviews and talking to reporters. I’m very grateful that he found the time to answer my questions at all. I reviewed The Little Book of Lykke last week, and you can read that review here.

Lykke is the Danish word for happiness… and couldn’t we all do with a large chunk of that? I found this a meatier book than The Little Book of Hygge (LBOH), more aimed at improving our lives and the lives of others around us, than at creating a home sanctuary safe from the outside world. We do, of course, need to do both things in our lives. There’s no sense in having a safe home if what lies beyond is a dystopia that benefits no one. At times it challenged me to really think about what I do to build community, create links and to make the world a happier place. I hope that my blog is a part of that, along with the fact that I’m very rarely seen not smiling (except by my children. That’s professional behaviour). When I asked to be included on the blogtour, I was keen to grab the chance to ask Meik about the difference between his new book and LBOH.

* Your first book, The Little Book of Hygge, was a real hit last year. What do you see as the essential difference between lykke and hygge, both as concepts and in terms of your books?

The hygge book was about what the world can learn from Denmark – the Lykke book is a global treasure hunt for pockets of happiness. So, what can we learn from people around the world in terms of what drives happiness. 


* The Little Book of Lykke seems aimed at changing our society more than our home lives. What advice would you give someone who recognises a problem, but doesn’t feel able to change it yet? For example, if they lived in a rough area and didn’t feel confident meeting new neighbours?

The little book of Lykke gives a broad and wide selection of ideas and tips – they are not all meant to be followed as a doctrine – but more to be seen as a menu you can pick and choose from. 


* You work all day measuring happiness and trying to boost happiness in countries across the world. What are the main barriers to happiness that you see? Which Country has struck you as the least happy despite its circumstances? 

Well, naturally war and civil war is the main driver of unhappiness. The countries that are at the bottom of the list in the World Happiness Report usually deal with this. 


* Are there any roles for a hygge ambassador in the UK in your company? I’ve loved learning and living hygge this year, and I’d love to visit Copenhagen and see how it works in the Country of origin in real life!

Haha, we have not thought of this – but it is an fun idea. 

Boy, would I love to visit the Happiness Research Institute! But even more so, I’m glad to be a bringer of happiness and joy to so many people. Our happiness lies, in a great part, inside ourselves.  We have the power to rethink happiness and the society we live in. I’d heartily recommend the book to anybody who has ever thought about why society at the moment seems so disjointed, and what they can do about it.

Meik has also sent me a happiness tip to share with you all.

tip 2.png

Have a great Thursday, and I hope you’re feeling a little happier now.

I already look for happiness in everyday life, but I’m looking to spread that. What about you? Fancy spreading a little happiness as you go by? Just #Look4Lykke on social media.

Let’s spread that happiness starting now, shall we? Get your hands on The Little Book of Lykke and let’s make the world a happier place. That’s well worth the money.

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