This weekend, I had a moment of pure hygge, and I never even took one photograph.

It was Saturday afternoon. I was in my car, a small, blue Clio that is ten year’s old this year. I was with my only daughter, Sarah, who at 15 is fast maturing into a beautiful young lady. We’d been to Yarndale and come away having not dipped into the budget for Sunday, but with a bag of goodies for us to share and create with.

It wasn’t sunny, but it wasn’t raining, either. You could see that between the light grey clouds there was always a possibility of a ray of sunshine hitting the ground. The road is a peculiarly bendy one between Skipton and Bingley, running between fields and against moorlands and stands of trees. The fields were filled with the Autumn lambs, bigger and less cute than a spring lamb, but still reminiscent of a cloud dropped to Earth by a forgetful God.

The trees were wearing that peculiar shade of green tinged with gold that heralds the passing of the chlorophyll and a chance for them to show their true colours. Sundry branches had, indeed, declared their keenness for Autumn and turned completely bronze, or gold or burnished red. The colours of fire, the colours of warmth.

There was no traffic in front, none behind, and we were free to travel as fast or as slow as we needed to. It’s difficult to breathe when somebody is always pushing you to go faster, to keep up.

And we had music. Ed Sheeran, singing about the Castle on the Hill. Other songs that make me feel nostalgic, or yearning for youth again, before common sense reminds me that time is linear. It can never stand still, never go back. We march, as we drive, facing forwards and no regrets.

And for a few brief, glorious moments I felt complete peace, happiness that was warm, comfortable, cosy. I felt that right here, right now was exactly where I was supposed to be.

And I never even thought about taking a photograph.

Today everything exists to end in a photograph.jpg

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3-Have Yourself A Happy Hygge Christmas

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