My Could Do List for November (inspired by The Simple Things)

I love reading The Simple Things magazine. It’s always filled with articles of interest, things to learn and do, ideas to slow down and enjoy life. I learned to hoot like an owl because of a tutorial in the magazine. I love being a subscriber as well, because I know that once a month I can sit down, sip my tea and enjoy a well-earned rest.

With the exception of the designed end papers that they used to do (and I miss so much: such beautiful designs and so useful for cutting out shapes and tags) I think my favourite part of the magazine now is the could-do lists for each month. And can I put up a shout of hurray-ness for a magazine that has sent me the November edition near to November, rather than in the middle of September when I’m still breathing Summer? When did magazines learn to be so far ahead? It’s like they run 28 day months instead of around about 30.

The could do list: as I was saying. I love the use of the conditional tense. Not a list you must do, but a list you might do instead. That’s a lot kinder to an under-achiever like me.


So, here’s my Could Do list for November:

I could:

  • Finish off the Family Hygge Nook. I have two wall pictures to do, a display frame for family photos and a bit more decluttering before it’s good enough for photographs. When I get there, I will share them.
  • Read a ghost story. Yes, I know Halloween is in October, but now the nights are drawing in and the shadows are lengthening earlier in the day, it’s a good time to get home, light the lights, lock the doors and find a new kind of creepy. Stephen King, Susan Hill or Shirley Jackson.
  • Write a ghost story. I haven’t written fiction in ages. I almost think I might have forgotten how, or I worry that I won’t have a voice that works for fiction. And ghost stories are so easy to get wrong. Anyway, I fancy a go.
  • forest-1950402_1920.jpg
  • Go for a walk in the woods as the sun is setting, or rising. From now until about March, it’s easy to see the sun setting or rising, the days are that short.
  • Visit Scandikitchen. Actually, that is a definite on 11th November when several members of The Hygge Nook are meeting there for coffee and whatever, since I’m in town with the husband and free for the day.
  • Get on with my cream blanket. I’m making this for the Hygge Nook, and it’s basically a plain version of the Spice of Life Crochet Along. I’m enjoying it, since there will be no ends to darn in when I finish, except where the new balls had to join up.
  • Visit Manchester Christmas Markets with my daughter. We did this last year, and the thought of being able to drink mulled wine and eat German sausages again is too enticing to resist! Besides which, Sarah always buys a book or two.
  • Bake a cake on a Sunday afternoon, ready to eat on Sunday night. We used to watch Poldark and eat the cake. I’m hoping that there may be some good drama coming up soon!!!

And that’s enough. Any more and it gets like a to do list again, the very thing it isn’t. Will I get any of these things done? Possibly not, but then again… possibly. I’m after a chilled November, a chance to do just enough to get me through life and into December with a smile. No racing around madly, no lists that tire, plenty of time for walking and thinking and just being. I think that might be the only thing on my must do list: learn to relax and breathe again.

What about you? What would be on your could-do list? I’d love to know, either in the comments below, or leave a comment on my social media. I am on Facebook and Instagram.

And my books are all available from Amazon in paperback and ebook version. I keep rereading the Christmas book and thinking of things I should have put in. Either there will have to be a second edition, or this time next year I’ll have another Christmas book out. If you’d like to read the reviews on them, or to buy them as a gift for everybody in your immediate family as I intend to do this year, I’d be ever so grateful. Just click through the links below.

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50 Ways to Hygge The British Way

How to Hygge Your Summer

3-Have Yourself A Happy Hygge Christmas

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