I’m Here for the Hygge, always.

You know I am not a great one for promoting products. I don’t artlessly glide names and hints into an article, nor do I usually accept items for review, except books or things I would have bought myself. In fact, I usually say no to all promotional offers so that when I say I have something to promote, you know I like it. And I know that no thing is hyggely in and of itself, so I am in no way saying that you need one of these to have good hygge.

***Disclosure: I was sent a promotional product to review and discuss on the blog. This one came free, but the next one I’m going to pay for as soon as payday comes around***

It’s nearly December and that means it’s nearly Christmas. That also means the start of tacky Christmas Jumper time and the chance to show off Rudolph’s baubles, Frosty’s balls and other such puns. Usually I see Christmas jumpers and run a mile, but I know my children sometimes have the need for a jumper to wear at school for Christmas Jumper Day (mostly in aid of Save the Children. Their Jumper Day this year is 15th December. You can donate by visiting this page) and we struggle to find one to fit. My boys are over 6 foot, while the Daughter sadly takes after me on the generous proportions. We’re a cuddly family.

When I was contacted by Jenna of Jolly Christmas Jumpers, her story resonated with me. ” I designed all of the jumpers myself after I couldn’t find any Christmas jumpers I liked last year.” she says, and explains that they are “sweaters rather than knitted jumpers, and they’re all available as hoodies or t-shirts as well.”

dragon-sleigher jumper

I popped over to peep at the new website (the company are a new brand this year) and liked the look of them. These are not Bridget Jones Jumpers, but actually cool enough to wear for fun. And I was hooked.

Bridget Jones Jumper

A few days later, and the hoodie I had chosen arrived. I ordered a Here For the Hygge hoodie in a black, but it’s also available in Oxford Navy. It’s really good quality fleece, and the transfer looks really pretty on it. Jenna designs them all herself, and the illustration is very cute. I love badgers anyway, so this really appealed to me.

No sooner had I got it out of the plastic and held it up than a miracle happened. The hoodie disappeared and I barely got to see it again that night. I think I did spot it passing by me in my hygge nook… it was difficult to see past the cup of tea….


I haven’t washed the jumper yet, so I can’t say what it’s like after that, but it has been worn every night since the weekend. I knew the seal of approval had been given to it when the Daughter grabbed it to put on ahead of her fleecy owl hoodie last Sunday morning. Her school are having a Christmas Jumper day at the end of term and she’s quite happy to wear this one in public.


I can tell you that the cotton sweatshirting is very good quality, and extremely soft inside. The black is a deep black, not off-grey like some sweaters are. It’s cotton, and well-made, with sleeve edgings that are neither too tight or too loose. And the hood is so useful…. especially if you finally want to keep someone quiet and still long enough to take a decent photo!


At £40 for a hoodie and £33 for a sweater, they’re not the cheapest on the market, but they are a long way away from being the most expensive and I think the quality is undeniable. I already have my eye on another hoodie with owls on, but there are quite a few tasteful designs that you could wear around the year without looking completely crackers. I’m quite struck by the polar bear on a bike, the rain deer and the Dragon Sleigher. The jumpers are tastefully funny,  which is a big plus in their favour. All in all, I have no trouble recommending them.


They’d make a good Christmas Present, wouldn’t they?

If you need another little stocking filler for a Mum, Auntie or Grandma who doesn’t wear hoodies, then why not try one of my books? They’re all available from Amazon.

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If you purchase through the links on this page, I get a couple of pence extra per copy, and if you’ve already read them and enjoyed them, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. I have a Goodreads Author’s Page!

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****How to Hygge the British Way Blog isn’t monetised, so there are no adverts or annoying pop-ups. I have taken the decision that I want to remain neutral and not to promote things just because. I will only ever review items that I have bought myself, or that I think will help to promote hygge in a busy life. To do this, I need support. Even just the price of a coffee adds up to a book over time, and it means I can stay independent. Would you help? Please consider clicking through to paypal.me/HyggeJem and leaving even a small amount. I’d be very grateful. Thank you.***



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