A Self Care Christmas Day 24: Only Connect!

Christmas Eve wrapped like a shawl2

Well, tomorrow’s the Big Day: it’s finally here after all the shopping, decorating, cleaning, running about and visiting. Too late to do anything else now, the Event will happen whether I’m ready or not.

And I think I am ready. I think I am going to celebrate Christmas this year in a quieter fashion than before, more aware of the space I need to be happy. Basically, I’ll be celebrating Christmas as an introvert should: in a small group, with those I love most and without desperately trying to look happy and joining in with games and silliness that put us on edge. Heck, getting my teenagers to wear the tissue paper hat from a cracker is bad enough. Don’t say we have to play charades or put on a show after the turkey, do we? Christmas is above all a day of interruptions Nigel Slater.jpg

No, after the Great Feast has been eaten and the crackers pulled, the jokes told and groaned over and the turkey put in the fridge, although the rest of the food can stay a little longer and get picked at as the afternoon goes on,  the family will sit together as we usually do, chatting, watching the TV (Dr Who is at 5.30: required family viewing in our house!), reading or playing with our gifts, laughing, snoozing and just being. For the day, at least, computers are banned, phones allowed only as cameras and all digital links severed except for an early morning message to the family and a late afternoon message to the world. For the day, at least, and possibly the week beyond, technology will not take sway.

Technology Can Be Our Best Friend Spielberg.jpg

For a while at least our connections will be physical, not virtual. Our words will not come accompanied by emoticons 🙂 or text talk (LOL). And we will be free, through freedom from work and school and freedom of time, to be together and enjoy just being in each others company.

I won’t be writing the blog next week, I’m having a whole week off. I’ll be back in January, though, with my hopes for a post-Christmas hibernation. While the weather is at its worst, and the year is fresh and new I am going to take life slowly and intentionally. I’ll tell you more when I return, but for now I’ll share this infographic with you. God bless, and have a great Christmas week however and wherever you spend it.

Hibernation Infographic

2 thoughts on “A Self Care Christmas Day 24: Only Connect!

  1. Happy Christmas Jo, may it be a hyggely one for you and all the family, and hope 2018 is full of happiness and contentment. I love reading your blog every day and have never commented before but I thought Christmastime was the right time to let you know how much I look forward to checking out the blog and reading your advice on hygge and life in general.


    1. Thank you very much for letting me know how much my blog means to you! I love writing it, especially during the winter. May you and all your family enjoy a happy, hygge Christmas and a very abundant New Year!


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