Mindfulness March

Hygge isn’t mindfulness. I don’t think I need to point that out half as much as I used to, when hygge was a new concept and it was very easy to think of it in terms of sipping tea and resting in the moment alone.  Or, if hygge is to do with mindfulness, it’s a sociable mindfulness that works best in small groups when you all feel present and grounded and happy. Hygge isn’t clinical or analytical or clean. Hygge just is.

Hygge Is our awareness of the scale of our existence.jpg

And having said that, hygge works very well with a mindful life. If mindfulness is about stepping aside from life for a moment and looking at oneself and one’s life and appreciating this pure, clear moment of emotion…. then hygge and mindfulness go well together. I enjoy the rare moments of solitude in my life much more if I slow down and appreciate them. If I consciously say to myself “This moment is mine to enjoy: this small interval in my life is mine to appreciate fully” then I am grounded and free to be fully in the moment.

This March I am in search of a more mindful life, one where I look at life closer, and appreciate the great gifts around me more. March is a good month for mindfulness, partly because it starts with the same letter and alliteration is always a great technique in self-help books, but also because it’s Spring, and the World itself becomes a source of so many moments of joy or inspiration or wonder that consciously slowing down at a time when even the buds are racing to burst into being and the birds rush to build nests puts us in a Matrix moment when we can see with greater precision and clarity without rushing ourselves on to the next Big Activity. It’s an ideal month for being, not doing.

In this moment there is infinite possibility

So I have set out my plans for March. A few practices to encourage me to be. Just a few simple ideas to help me pause, or to look or to enjoy. This month I am actually concentrating on finding time to be alone and hygge, rather than the family and friends hygge I usually get to enjoy. I’m going to wake slightly earlier, or take that lunchtime stroll alone. I might aim to have a coffee once a week alone or to slide away when the TV is on and sit quietly. I wrote my list in my bullet journal…. surely the most hyggely planning system ever!…. and here it is.


I’m not aiming to do all these every day… that would be stupid, since it would become a burden and not the pause in daily life I need it to be. Some of them (like the Rituals to soothe) will probably happen almost every day, while others like a creative excursion will be once-in-the-month things. And there are other mindfully hygge things I do, like the magazines I love or the walks in the woods. They’ll still be part of my life as well.

I’ll be posting about my month on the blog, occasionally, but more often on Instagram or Facebook using #mindfulmarch and #marchhygge as my hashtags. At the very least, I aim to get the photo a day done and up. What about you? Do you find mindfulness and hygge compatible? Or do you struggle to fit one or the other into your life? What could you do to make your March into a #mindfulmarch?

Mindfulness March

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