Magazine Monday: Happinez Issue 21

Happinez Magazine is produced in the Netherlands and translated into several languages before zooming off around the world. It’s dedicated to yoga, spirituality and inner happiness, so there are plenty of articles that will feed your spirit and give you plenty to think about.

I couldn’t resist posting this picture of my magazine sitting next to my Filofax. The serendipity of the colours together just lifted my heart so much, and made me smile.

The magazine is beautifully organised and easy to navigate, with a clear contents page.

There’s a beautiful lack of adverts in the magazine, so every page is worth reading. Sections include Inspiration, Insight and Self-Care, so plenty of ideas to make your life better. Photographs are beautifully staged and there are whole pages dedicated to inspirational quotes.

The magazine is focused mainly on Eastern spirituality, with articles on yoga, chakras and a fascinating interview with South Korean monk Haemin Sunim, who wrote the beautiful book, The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down. Compassion, togetherness, love for each other and the world run through the magazine. It’s a real peaceful pause, and has a very calming influence on me when I read it.

My favourite article this month (this issue runs between July and August, since Happinez is only published six times a year) is 10 pages entitled What The Ocean Gives. The beach and the power of the ocean are important to me at this time of the year. I found myself last Saturday sat alone, reading my book, while I had a YouTube video on in the background which had a small Cornish cove as the sea came in and lapped quietly around rocks and seaweed. It was a small oasis in a busy life, and very much what I needed.

I love this idea, to write my cares or stresses on a shell and release it into the ocean so that my life can flow better. I also find myself fascinated by the shells surrounding this idea: I’m thinking of doing this with the inner qualities that I want in myself and my family, and displaying them in a bowl in the living room as a reminder to be compassionate, to be peaceful, to have strength.

The magazine is beautifully illustrated with photos throughout, so I’ll finish with this last one: Mount Fuji, so beautiful above the cloud layer. I know Japan has a lot of wisdom for us Westerners if we slow down long enough to hear it, but this is the opening page for a 10 page travelogue by Domin Meinema, and her search for herself in the space between west and east.

Happinez is available in some stationery outlets, online on the Happinez website and on their Instagram page.

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Hell, why not? If you’ve read this far, you deserve a break and a few minutes of calm and stillness. Here, for anyone who needs it, is the beach scene I’d happily relax by any day until I make it to the real thing!

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