Book Friday: The Little Library Christmas by Kate Young

Has somebody officially declared it Christmas yet? Or are we still in the no-man’s land of Elections and Lockdowns?

Never mind. Today is my Husband’s birthday, and if it’s possible I think I love him more each passing year. Tonight I’ll feed him lasagne and garlic bread, and this weekend we’ll watch football and probably go for a walk in the (hopefully) golden sunshine. Peter, after 30 years together, I’m so glad you said yes.

And Friday! Yay! Time for some positive book love. Today’s book is The Little Library Christmas by Kate Young. I reviewed The Little Library Year in February this year. It seems like a lifetime ago now, this year has been so bizarre.

The Little Library Christmas was only published in October of this year, but when I saw it was coming, I had to have it. It’s a small (8 inch by 5 inch) softbacked book of 184 pages, but it’s an absolute beauty for anyone who, like me, loves Christmas and books. Any book that starts with a quote from The Story of Holly and Ivy by Rumer Godden is starting in the right place for me.

The book ties in familiar and useful Christmas recipes with familiar and useful Christmas excerpts together with beautiful full colour photographs, some whole page spreads and some illustrating the recipes in the book. The whole feel of the book is cosy, comfortable, and very, very Christmas.

The book is separated into several chapters: Brown Paper Packages is full of present ideas to make and give; Let’s Party Like it’s 1843 has canapes and party food; ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas has a very scandi-feel, with food good for a quiet Christmas Eve (hopefully with a decent book and a glass of port); A Bird in The Oven covers Christmas Day itself with recipes for bird, sides and puddings as well as a bowl of Smoking Bishop punch; while finally Starting Anew is a New Year’s Eve party with beef, cocktails and even a recipe for Vegemite toast to eat to ward off hangovers before retiring to bed.

Truthfully, the recipes aren’t hard or complicated, and in many cases are recipes you either know or already make in a different form. They’re not complex, they’re good, sensible, useful recipes. You won’t need a blowtorch or seven different kinds of soy sauce to make them, but you will need a good appetite. Generous, hopeful, comforting recipes. The sort that we need this year when being generous, hopeful and comforting people will be the best gift we can give others.

What makes this book lovely and, dare I say, an ideal gift to give to a book-loving cook is the way she intertwines books and food together. There are copious quotations from books to do with Christmas spread throughout the book like tinsel on the tree. You flick through and come across another one that reminds you of childhood (Pippi Longstocking, anyone?); youth, with Turkish Delight from Narnia; young adulthood and Bridget Jones; while always and everywhere Charles Dickens shines like new-fallen snow on the sun-sparkled hills. You don’t need to intend to cook anything from the book to enjoy it.

Certainly it looks unimpressive next to the more weighty Christmas cookbooks of Nigella, Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith but, as the wise words go, good things come in small packages. It’s small enough to carry around, to take on any family visits (if any are allowed come December) and it also looks festively red sat on a shelf or pile of books.

Kate Young blogs at The Little Library Cafe and she can be followed on social media as well on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Oh… and I did another flick through of the book so that you can see every page here…. it’s almost as if I know you need to see what the whole book looks like before committing.

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