Birthday Hygge: Parent and Child

Isn’t it funny how the same dates crop up time and time again in a life? How one grandparent’s birthday becomes the anniversary of another grandparent’s death? How marriages start and businesses are created on the same day?

And how often, with 365 days out of the year to choose from, children choose to be born on the same day as another relative?

In my case, my Mother, who for sixty one years had a birthday that was entirely her own, and my Daughter, who managed to change that 21 years ago when she popped out at 6.10 in the morning of the 19th February having kicked off a bare 90 minutes earlier and caused me to ring my Mother with a garbled “Happy Birthday, Mum! Oh, and by the way, can you come and baby sit the boys, because this one is going to be born NOW and there’s nothing I can do about that”.

I love both the women who sandwich me, a May Born cuckoo, between them. I’ve known them both for ever: all my life in one case, all her life in the other. And in that wonderful, genetic material transfer miracle kind of way, I find it remarkable that a small part of my daughter was, indeed, present in my Mother’s womb as she conceived and carried me, since a female foetus is born carrying all the eggs she will ever release over her lifetime. If that’s not the miracle of Mother Nature linking us all together, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, we celebrated 82 and 21 last night, with a meal, flowers and photographs. And I honestly tried to get one photo where the two of them looked good together, but either one was talking or the other was laughing. Whatever. I owe the woman I am today to both of them.

How to Hygge the British Way is my gift to the world. I don’t get paid for writing it, I’m not in it for the kudos, financial rewards, to become an influencer, work with brands or otherwise make any money from the blog. That’s why there are no ads, and any products I mention and recommend have either been gifted to me or bought by me with my everyday wages or donations from supporters. Every book I review has been bought and read by me, unless stated otherwise.

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The photo between post and promotions is a photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash. I love the snowdrops, such a harbinger of Spring, while the colours behind make me think sunrise and the start of the day. And the Header is by Rod Long on Unsplash. I love multigenerational photos like this: the wrinkles of age, the silken smoothness of youth. Life goes on.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Hygge: Parent and Child

  1. Happy birthday to both of them! I hope they both had a lovely time.
    Our daughter was born on the birthday of my husband’s cousin and that of a close friend. A few years later, two of my husband’s nephews each had children on the same day, so I know exactly what you mean!


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