Hygge Book: The Art of Hygge by Jonny Jackson and Elias Larsen

It’s a funny thing, but I can almost separate my Hygge book reviews into those before I wrote a book about hygge myself and those I have thought about and not written since. It’s almost as though I think that reviewing someone else’s book on hygge would be like the mother in maternity who looks at you baby and sniffs, before saying “It’s alright, but … Continue reading Hygge Book: The Art of Hygge by Jonny Jackson and Elias Larsen

Hygge Recipe Box

Recipe Tuesday: Lincolnshire Toady

Everybody has favourite recipes: today’s is one of my favourites. Toad in the Hole nowadays is traditionally seen as sausages in essentially a Yorkshire Pudding batter and baked until crispy, but as recently as Mrs Beeton it was customary to use whatever bits of meat you could find. Felicity Cloake has a wonderful article on the history of the dish here. I really couldn’t do … Continue reading Recipe Tuesday: Lincolnshire Toady

Recipe Tuesday: Marmalade Loaf

My Mum’s cousin has cancer. Cancer is a big scary word, especially when it’s inoperable and there’s only one ending, so the question always becomes how long. My Mum’s cousin has always seemed like an Aunty to me. She lives in Blackpool, about 60 miles away, but her family came from St Helens. That’s a mining and glass-making town, not well known for being very … Continue reading Recipe Tuesday: Marmalade Loaf

Hygge Book: How to Hygge by Signe Johansen

How to Hygge is subtitled “The Secrets of Nordic Living” and written from a Norwegian American point of view. I sometimes feel that Norway is the poor relative in the Hygge world: they don’t have lagom or Ikea, they aren’t infamously happy and even the word that they created to mean well-being and happiness in oneself has been hijacked by their once-rulers and near neighbours, … Continue reading Hygge Book: How to Hygge by Signe Johansen

Recipe Tuesday: Cherry Cake. Say yummy!

Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer was my hygge book last week. I love featuring recipe books, and making recipes from them, but today’s recipe, although it shares part of the title, is based on an old one I used to make for the children. My daughter, God bless her, doesn’t eat cherries but both my sons do, so this is a cake they used to … Continue reading Recipe Tuesday: Cherry Cake. Say yummy!