Magazine Monday: Your Serenity (bookazine)

There’s a fondness now for magazine pulishers putting out thicker, heavier versions of magazines, sometimes focused on one area of life, and calling it a ‘bookazine’. I suppose because it’s as cost-effective to produce as a magazine, but gives you more information on the subject, as a book would.

I have, in the past, bought them on subjects as diverse as computer programming, crochet  and car maintenance, but a lot of them seem particularly aimed at self-care and emotional development. I know Breathe (I featured issue 26 as my first Magazine Monday) is very good at creating these: journals for happiness, lists, mindfulness…. they’re usually beautifully illustrated and demand a degree of input from the reader as well as providing inspiration in the topic covered.

Today’s Magazine Monday is a bookazine I picked up in W H Smiths over the weekend. It’s called Your Serenity, and is focused on helping you create a happier life through crafts, food, gardening and generally integrating a more mindful, balanced approach to life in your general living.

Your Serenity bookazine How to Hygge the British Way

At 145 pages,and printed on good quality paper rather than magazine-thin paper, it’s a good-sized magazine, and gives the impression of quality as you handle it. It’s more of a magazine than a book, though, with a collection of separate articles rather than a coherent, flowing structure to the content.


You can see from the list of contents here that it’s not purely theoretical or practical: there’s a good blend of ideas to think about and actions to implement. The articles are well-written and often have action points or lists to consider. I like having a takeaway from a book or a magazine, so I found these very useful as starting points.


The practical pages are clear, with good instructions for the recipes and clear craft patterns. I particularly liked the instructions to crochet a striped hot-water bottle cover, how hygge would that be? And the spiced apple cake is a definite must-bake this next weekend, when I hope to do very little but clear, clean and tidy my kitchen.


Gratitdue features high in the magazine, with a couple of separate page spreads dedicated to it. You know I am a passionate advocate for gratitude as a positive mood-boost. Like Monty Python, I’d rather look on the bright side of life, but realistically we all know that can be difficult. I liked the practical advice on finding even the smallest thing to be grateful for, and on keeping a gratitude diary. (I keep my gratitude lists on memo notes in a jar on the welsh dresser; I can never find my diary when I need it)

Once you start consciously seeking things you are grateful for, you suddenly start to realise how much good there is around you

Julie Bassett

This is the second edition of Your Serenity and was released in November 2019, so it has a winter focus to the articles. Resolutions, shopping, thanksgiving celebrations and winter gardening advice may be seasonal, but there are nuggets that apply year round as well. It is always good to get out into nature, always great to take time off from technology and always, always a good idea to have friends round to eat, whether that is al fresco wrapped up against the cold or inside on a wet summer Sunday.

I’ll look forward to see if another edition is planned, and possibly would buy a monthly magazine based along the same lines. I like the blend of practical and personal development, and there was enough in this to keep me happy dipping in and out again for a long weekend in Durham.

You can buy Your Serenity at most major magazine stockists in the UK, or online at My Favourite Magazines  as long as you’re prepared to pay postage.

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Cosy Happy Hygge

I don’t monetise my blog. I don’t run adverts, take sponsorship for writing posts or use affiliate links. I want everything I do on this blog and in my hygge life outside to be truthful. If I promote a book it’s because I’ve read it and like it, if I  point out an item it’s because it’s impressed me on its own merits and not because the publicist has talked me into it. It does mean I don’t run giveaways and I’m not chasing followers, but the drawback is that I need to find a way to support myself.

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3-Have Yourself A Happy Hygge Christmas

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Happier on Amazon

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