How about a Hygge Nook?

In his book The Little Book of Hygge Meik Wiking waxes lyrical about his favourite spot in the house, his hyggekrog in his kitchen the “place in the room where you love to snuggle up in a blanket, with a book and a cup of tea”. I’m hoping that blog-wise How to Hygge the British Way is becoming a favourite Hyggekrog, or in British a hygge-nook, but I think there are a lot more hygge-based or hyggelige blogs out there that deserve to be recognised as Hyggelig.

I did list several in my post called H-Day minus Seven and a Realisation, but I keep finding more… and  different places to visit that are just so hyggely!

First of all, I have started a Facebook group open to any and all fans of hygge. It’s called The Hygge Nook, and it is just that… a place to snuggle up in a blanket with a book and  a cup of tea. I’d like it to be the spot where hygge fans swap stories of hygge moments, share recipes, ask for advice, find out about each other and generally make hygge. If you’re on Facebook and like the sound, just ask to join. I won’t say no. The only rules are; no commercialisation (so no selling in the group), no politics, no meanness and no bad manners. Be kind.

The Hygge Nook is like having this room on Facebook. Come and hang out, share things and let’s have a good old chinwag!

Secondly, Living Hygge hosts a #hyggehour on Twitter every Monday between 8 and 9pm British time (at the moment we’re in BST, but the hour will change to GMT soon) where hyggelig people on Twitter can get together and hang out. Last Monday’s topics included sick guinea pigs, mental health and hygge, which pets are most hyggelig and lots of posts on food and drink. Because food and drink are a big part of hygge, aren’t they?

Finally, a tea recommendation. I know that Living Hygge have used Hoogly Hygge Tea in their hyggeboxes, because the box I received in October (and have yet to review) had some in. Sam, of Living Hygge, definitely recommends the Rhubarb and Vanilla because, she says, “It smells like Rhubarb and Custard sweets. Takes me back to my childhood!”

Their website is a treasure trove of flavours that I am desperate to test. I have a box on order as we speak and I will, of course, post my unbiased review when I’ve tried them. With ’16 Indulgent Blends’ including spiced orange, marzipan rooibos and vanilla chai you’re spoilt for choice!


Today’s Friday, which means Fridayhygge for lunch, our weekly treat of a trip to Costa (the only cafe local to the office that’s any good at the moment) and Movie Night. The Sky premiere is In The Heart of The Sea with Chris Hemsworth. Not sure how hyggely it is, but it might work on the same principle as bad weather outside; how lucky we are to be sat on the settee and warm, rather than freezing cold and wet making the movie! Have a hyggely weekend and remember; I’m actually posting tomorrow because Meik Wiking has given me some answers to my hygge questions. That post should be up by 10am tomorrow. Hygge well!



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