There’s just something about boxes in the post that gets me…

I have always been a sucker for getting post. In my youth I had a French penpal, two German penpals and an Austrian penpal. I’m a very bad letter writer, and no good at returning post, but that never stopped me. There’s something about the click of the letter box that gets me. Not bills, though, I don’t like bills.


Now, I’m a Hygge Ambassador and I love hygge. Let’s get that out the way in case you hadn’t picked up on that already. So I am always on the look out for small ways to make my life more hyggely; sweeter, cosier, full of self care and love for me and the family.

One way I found that I can do that is a subscription box service. I’m currently signed up to two hygge box services; I’m going to give both a go for a few months before deciding which one I really enjoy, or feel is good value for money, or indeed if hygge really comes in a box, and I’d be better off stopping both boxes and finding it for myself.

This week I’m going to review the first box I signed up to; The Hygge in a Box subscription service from Living Hygge.  This company is run by two sisters, Deborah and Samantha. They post their reasons for setting up the service on the website;


This is us. Two sisters, who have grown up in deepest (& darkest) Dartmoor but now living in Munich & Cornwall.

It was back in October 2015 that we first discovered “hygge” and it immediately resonated with us both.
We had fond childhood memories. We had always known how it felt and carried it through life to adulthood but there had never been a word for it.
And now there was. Hygge.
What we’ve learnt in the last year is that it doesn’t matter how you say it – and believe me, there will be plenty to tell you, but it’s how you feel that counts.
So we spent last Autumn & Winter of 2015 being consciously hyggeligt and discovering that by being hygge we were:

  • Less prone to anxiety
  • Made better decisions about how to use our time
  • Got more fresh air
  • We’re able to prioritise better
  • Get a work / life balance
  • See the beauty in nature
  • Found solace in being alone
  • Were better companions when with other people

Bringing hygge into our lives beyond the winter was the gift that kept on giving.

We want to share that with you!

Hygge shouldn’t be expensive. It’s not something you create, but we all need the obvious pointed out to us once in a while & our boxes are designed to do that!

We hope you love them as much as we do!

Deborah & Samantha xx

Their first boxes went out earlier this month. You can read a review of it on Hello Hygge as well, if you need more than one review to help make up your mind, or read on to see my thoughts.

The box is about A5 in size and 2 inches deep. When you open it, the presents are all wrapped in tissue paper or kraft paper and wrapped with string. Brown paper packages tied up with string? These are a few of my favourite things! (couldn’t resist!)

Living Hygge box 1.jpg With a beautifully fragrant sprig of Rosemary lying on top, the gifts nestle softly in the tissue paper. You can see from the picture above, they’re labelled ‘Eat me’, ‘Drink me’ and ‘Make me’. I felt very Alice unpacking them! And the little touches were what makes this box a thing of love rather than an absolutely commercial enterprise; the tea came in a hand-folded origami box, the stone was hand-painted and in a handmade case, the whole thing was like getting a present off a close friend who wanted to send you some love in the small details that make life fun.

Living Hygge Box 2.jpg

The… well, I keep wanting to write gifts, but you’ve paid for them, so I should say contents… the items cover ideas like something to drink, something to eat, something to make, something to light up your life. There’s a covering letter explaining why each item is there, and little details about how to use them.

At £10 for the box, and an additional £3 for postage, the box is a reasonable price; not too expensive that you’re left wondering what the money went on, and the whole friendly we-made-it-especially-for-you feel is lovely. It’s like a RAK, but you’ve paid for it. Like I say, I’m subscribed for a few more months to test out contents, value for money and hygge-ability.

Living Hygge are also on Twitter and host the Hygge Hour every Monday between 8 and 9 UK time. They also joined the Facebook group I started on Friday; The Hygge Nook, a lovely place to post those hyggely little thoughts that your family just don’t get. Do come over and join us, won’t you?

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