#Fridayhygge: my take on a Danish classic.

In Denmark, Friday is a day of fun. You can tell, because they have Fredag Hygge on that day. It’s time spent with the family, watching movies and eating crisps (food is never far away on the hygge spectrum) or for singles it’s a chance to call up some friends, grab some food and hang out together. I’m a strong advocate of Family Movie Night, and have been since the kids were small. It meant that we spent years watching the same Disney movies over and over again, could repeat most of the usable dialogue in Transformers verbatim and knew exactly when to jump in National Treasure. The children chose the movie, so that was a three week rotation, and they ate a ‘carpet picnic’ on a blanket in front of the screen instead of sat around the table like every other night. It’s still the only night when they eat off their knees, but now they are rather too big to push cross legged together in front of the screen.

Card clearance July 2013 1320.jpg

Fridays are special. Fridays are fun. And I love them. Working as a teacher (previously) and now as an Office Ninja for the husband (Peter Kneale Solicitor; Personal Injury claims handled across the country. I needed to advertise that just once at least) I work a five-day week. I don’t know, or want to know, what it’s like to work weekends. I will never take up that sort of a job. The only work I do at the weekend is housework, and only if I can’t get out of it.


The children are teenagers now; the eldest is 18 and an adult. Our #fridayhygge is changing. Slowly but surely we are changing. The daughter is already beginning to ask to go out on a Friday, Peter and I aren’t worrying about needing babysitters so we get out more on a Friday as well. But when we can, we still hygge together. Sky movies is great for watching a decent film somewhere on the listings, and Christmas is a good time to load up on DVDs. The kids eat separately, on their knees and always something quick and easy; pie and chips, hotdogs, pizzas or burgers. Friday is not our health food day. We chill out, watch and enjoy.

The style of movies can be Marvel Superhero, spy thriller or drama… not RomCom very often, unless the Com bit is really funny. Anything by Richard Curtis is good. And by November, we’re watching our Christmas movies, so all the old favourites creep into the player; Elf, Muppets Christmas Carol or Arthur Christmas. You are never too old to watch Arthur Christmas.


And #fridayhygge happens at work as well! Our best officey hygge is every Friday lunchtime, as far as possible, we go to the most hyggely cafe nearby (ok… confession time here; we only ever go to Costa because it is the only cafe around here that isn’t a greasy spoon!) and have lunch away from the desks and the office and the world. Just me and him. Every Friday. And I usually have the same bagel with pastrami and a cinnamon latte. Every Friday. But it’s great hygge, we watch people and we talk.

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