Virtual Hygge; The Hygge Nook

Hygge is a safe place, a space to feel surrounded and cared for in a busy, brutal uhygge world. Now for many of us, that’s our homes and families (I know at times of stress the only place I want to be is in my little corner, watching TV, drinking tea and surrounded by those I love)


I’ve been absent this week due to a sick guinea pig. Don’t ask me for the details, I will cry while I write them and today I’m being brave. Olga is nearly at the end of a very short but very well-loved life. The chest infection she has had for the past two months is finally getting to her and we are ready to say goodbye with a full heart and relief for the end of her suffering. Yes, that’s a real downer. I am crying, and I apologise for anybody else I’ve made feel sad.

But the plus side is this; I haven’t been able to string words together this week, I haven’t sat and written my blogs, I’ve been full of pain and worry and watching her eat/not eat with teeth clenched so hard they ache. Yet, I’ve been given my hygge from outside, from a group of wonderful, beautiful human beings from across the world.

I always mention The Hygge Nook at the bottom of my posts. I ask if you like Hygge and would you like to join…. truthfully, I would be in a far worse state if these voices of wisdom and love hadn’t helped me.

And it’s not just me. Other members have written about the group, about how friendly and supportive it is, how happy, how blessed they feel. Now I know most of these people have homes and families, because they share about them & the Christmas photos, and the Thanksgivings that we in Britain don’t have but shared through the eyes of our American cousins. But they also have hearts that are open to helping across the internet, that grow fond of and friends with strangers that they have never and may never meet. Through the constant interchange of comments, pictures, jokes and support… oh, yes, support… these people are building a virtual Hygge Nook, free from judgement, anger or insult. And I thank my lucky stars that they’ve been there for me this week.


What started me thinking about this blog post was a spot on a Saturday night show, Michael McIntyre’s Big Show. It’s on BBC1 after Strictly, at the moment, and we watch it as a family. Jokes, music, the Unexpected Star and, this week, a little old lady called Doreen who was dragged into a Soap competition only to find herself face to face with her penpal of 70 years from Australia whom she had never met. These women had swapped photos, letters of life, details about children, feelings, just shared everything, for 70 years without ever meeting up. And, putting aside the fact that Doreen initially didn’t recognise Gwen her penpal, the part that had me in tears (again) was the fact that they just sat next to each other holding hands. They had known each other virtually since they were 9, and when they met it was lovely. You can read the whole story told as only a Yorkshire paper can in the Hull Daily Mail. Now, that’s a virtual friendship at its best. And I hope that the Hygge Nook will be like that; a place where friendships can be made, and grown and kept with people who you wouldn’t normally meet.


I am so thankful for it; they’ve kept me sane and smiling this week.


If you like what you read, please share it on any and every social media, and if you like the sound of my voice more than I do, then follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And if you think a little virtual hygge is what you need, then pop over to The Hygge Nook. We never turn anyone away.

One thought on “Virtual Hygge; The Hygge Nook

  1. I absolutely love the Hygge Nook! It’s really helped me to embrace Hygge and the members of the group are so nice. Keep up the good work! 🙂


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