My Christmas Present to you… A Christmas Carol in 10 parts.

Thank God Dickens is dead and his work is out of copyright. It means that this, the first year of How to Hygge the British Way, I can use his book and show you how hygge is a part of British life and has been seen as a part of British life throughout history, just we didn’t call it hygge.

For the next 10 days, I will give you a small (very small) extract and a comment on A Christmas Carol and then a larger extract that tells the story complete. It’s always worth a re-read at this time of year, especially if you’re feeling scrooge-like in your disdain for Christmas as it often appears to be… overstuffed, full of materialistic wants and built on a foundation that relies on being selfish and self-serving. I believe that this little book has so many things to teach us, and it’s always worth going back to the source material.

So, tomorrow it begins.


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