Hygge at Christmas…. if you have the time!

It’s December 9th… and I have only posted once in the month so far!


I don’t think it matters what industry you work in, or none, December is the time of year when All Hell Breaks Loose and, try as you might, the ought-tos take hold. Obligations are things that we feel we should do from duty, or because it’s what’s expected of us. Some of them are things we like doing, like a carol concert here… or there… and others are things that we know we have to do because, well, if we don’t do them, who will?

Add to that the social obligations of works parties, children’s playdates, nativities in school, nights out with friends, visits to relatives and it’s a wonder we reach Christmas in any fit state to celebrate.

I have no answer to Yuletide business. I’m not going to preach that you need to cut back on obligations, I’m not able to say that this activity or that activity is better. You know what you have to do and you know what you want to do, and achieving a balance between those two is a job for you to tackle.


What I am here to say, and to remind you, is that hygge can be found most in the middle of the storm. That while you are racing to the next event you can always find a space to breathe, to stop and to appreciate. It may take a little juggling and careful coordination of timetables, but try and take 60 seconds where you can to look around you. Build in a five minute drinks break, allow extra time for travelling to the next destination so that you can go slowly along past the Christmas houses on the way. Even… scandalous thought… chuck an obligation or two to get your night at home or to see friends or relatives that you love. Christmas isn’t a to-do list that we have to get done, or we’ve failed. My children are teenagers now, and when we look back at Christmas it’s very often the times of un-doing that we recall; the pyjama days, the snow days when liberty ruled and we ate cheese on toast with tomato soup.  I miss school nativities, it’s true, but I don’t miss the endless doing.


My Christmas list this year is unashamedly nicked from The Simple Things magazine. They have it on the back of their December 2016 edition, and available as a set of Christmas cards. I popped this one in my Bullet journal, available for me to look at every time I open the book. 20161209_103407

I still have the Other Stuff to do as well… the wrapping, writing cards, services to attend…. but as long as I manage some of these, then I know I will  have kept my life balanced.


As always, follow the social media if you like, and if you need a hyggely spot on the web, then join The Hygge Nook on Facebook. Guaranteed breathing space.

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