The Hygge Nook just gets bigger and better…

When I started my hygge blog back in September, I knew I would have to have social media connected to it one way or another. I work with social media for the Husband’s firm, Peter Kneale Solicitor, all day every day so I’m well aware of its possibilities in terms of reach, brand awareness and as a way of communicating with clients (in business) and readers (in blog terms)

Danish Slippers by Jenny Ward

I have the Facebook page for the blog, How to Hygge The British Way which I set up from the start… and I love sharing my work there, having it as a showcase for this blog and the plans I have to be a Hygge Ambassador. But…. well, a page is a page. People like it, you post, they like the posts, you post some more and it really is all about you, you, you. I like being with people. I like bouncing ideas off people (I like seeing ideas that other people have had and thinking yes or no to whether they’re right for me) and I didn’t want to be just a Voice pontificating “Do this for hygge, This is hygge, this is not hygge”. So not my style, or my purpose in writing a blog.

“I’m back here tonight and I’m so glad that this safe, supportive hyggely place exists”

A Hygge Nookworm

I love #hyggehour on Twitter. Hosted by @livinghygge it runs every Monday night from 8 til 9pm British time. It’s a source of conversation, chat, inspiration, and basically a warm hyggely hour every week. What I wanted was that… but all the time. Like 24/7 (even though I know you can’t hygge 24/7, I know somewhere in the world someone is hyggering)

Hygge Crafts by Charlotte Dumesny

And so The Hygge Nook Facebook Group was born. A beautifully neutral name, so that any and all Hygge bloggers could come and not be put off by hanging out under a different blog’s name while anybody who searched for hygge after reading Meik Wiking’s Little Book of Hygge would recognise it as a warm, safe and happy corner of a virtual world.

Hygge Lunch by Sarah Barrow

I pressed the ‘create group’ button on October 4th, with 10 friends I basically co-opted into the group. No pressure, ladies. I little knew that 3 months later we’d have over 1000 members, from all corners of the world, and that it would be such a beautifully hygge place to be. I think I’ve only ever put my Mother hat on once, to remind people no politics. We got through the whole presidential election and no mention of Mr Trump, Mrs Clinton. I can proudly say I neither know nor care what anybody voted, not for the USA elections, not for Brexit, not for X Factor or Strictly. No pressing issues.

“I signed on to this and one other hygge group, and now those are the predominant updates in my newsfeed. Thank goodness. It sort of changes the tone of my entire day as I check in and out of FB. It has even caused me to realize I needed to “unfollow” (but not unfriend) some people who always seem to have conflict brewing. Don’t need it — don’t want it.”

A Hygge Nookworm (a different one!)

And I just have to say a massive thank you to all the people concerned. My big worry was there’d be me, left alone after my first 10 squirmed away from the mad woman, and looking at pages of white. Today my biggest concern is that there are so many lovely posts on hygge, links to things, ideas to do that I don’t get to read, like and love as many as I want to. It really is my favourite spot on the web. My favourite Facebook group. And, I hope for many of you, yours as well.

  “This is a gorgeous & cozy group”

Yet another Hygge Nookworm

And we have classy Hygge writers; Kayleigh Tanner from Hello Hygge is a member, Pia Edberg who wrote The Cozy Life also posts regularly. I’m working on Meik Wiking and Bronte Aurell to join… it’s an eclectic bunch.

Hygge Starter Pack by Amy Bull Snr

But ultimately the real stars of the Hygge Nook aren’t the bloggers or the writers or the artists, it’s the members as a whole. The people who take time out of their life to post a link, or a picture, a saying or a photo, to share their hygge with others. To those Hygge Heroes I say a massive THANK YOU. Please keep posting, keep writing and keep hyggering. I’m aiming for 2,000 now. By Valentine’s Day would be brilliant.


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2 thoughts on “The Hygge Nook just gets bigger and better…

  1. I love the Hygge Nook!!!! It is the most calming part of my evening. I love knowing there are others sharing my interests!! Most people I mention hygge to think I am crazy! Thank you so much!!!!

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