Quiet, calm and peaceful.

Do you ever get rushed off your feet and racing around so fast that you feel dizzy? When you’ve said yes to so many things that come at once you end up sitting there befuzzled and wondering what the proper sequence of events should be? Or…. even more likely… you’re tired and bewildered and finally, finally drop out from a cold or a chill or a something that, at full strength would be bearable but, running on empty as you are, becomes a major thing.

I hit the wall last night. Not literally but figuratively. I ached all over, and my head was spinning. I was so cold… so cold it took a duvet, a fleece and a doubled over blanket to make me feel warm. I went to bed, accompanied by a hot lemon and a good book on Audible, and slept for 13 hours straight. It was a complete abdication of any and every responsibility.

And today I feel much better… not well, but better. I’m having a quiet, calm and peaceful day. No place to go, no thing to do, except drink tea and watch TV, and no body to care for. Sherlock (God bless her) has a clean bill of health for the moment off the vet, although it seems likely we’ll always have to watch her as she seems to be the runt of the herd. The kids are at school and the husband working in the office. And I am resting.


So what more natural than a good uhygge thriller to watch? I’ve got Fortitude on (episode 2 so far) and the contrast between my warm, cosy house and the arctic weather on screen is very hyggely indeed. We don’t have Sky, so we’re watching this on Amazon Firestick. I have to finish now. It takes both eyes and most of my brain to follow.

One thought on “Quiet, calm and peaceful.

  1. I nearly always fall victim to a cold or pure exhaustion at the beginning of every school holiday. I keep going through term time and and soon as we break up I give in. My in laws now nearly always take the children out for the day in the first weekend so I can get myself together.


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