Why is #Mondayhygge not a hashtag?

Friday. yes. #Fridayhygge makes it as a hashtag. #Sundayhygge or #Saturdayhygge are both often on Instagram (on a Sunday or Saturday, obviously. You don’t find many posts labelled like this midweek) but Monday….


Monday is the poor relative, the day left out in the cold, the bitter start to a week of servitude and hardship that we have to fight through to reach Wednesday (Tuesday being a non-day or second Monday for some people) and Hump Day before we can smile and start our heady descent to the Weekend and Life.


Well, I say ENOUGH. I am not losing two days of precious time a week simply longing for the week to fly past faster than it already does. I am declaring Monday a Day of Hygge not just this week but EVERY WEEK. I will not save my chocolate for Friday night or my foamy hot chocolate for Saturday or my glass of wine for a Sunday lunchtime. No.

Today is a #Mondayhygge day. Tonight I will go homeand put on a pot of sausage casserole to bubble away as I fold some beautiful smelling freshly washed laundry and listen to Radio 4.  We will eat together, at the table and I may well have either a glass of red wine or a dirty coke (coke with orange-flavoured liqueur in, in the absence of any amaretto liqueur) to sip at as I Tweet with my hygge friends during #HyggeHour at 8pm tonight and then watch University Challenge with my husband. We won’t have done anything extraordinary, we won’t have attacked any dangerous to do lists, or handled major crises.

We’ll have had an evening of downtime, together, as a family. And it will have been hyggely.


It’s not competitive, it’s not even photogenic, but it is comfortable.


Usual rules apply: Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Or if you’re particularly hygge-minded, go over to Facebook to join The Hygge Nook. My favourite Facebook group.

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