#Comicon2017…. or #ComiconHygge?

Time and again I say that hygge means different things to different people. That what screams hygge to you and your tribe will not mean hygge to mine.

This weekend was a prime example of that. Liverpool hosted the MCM Comicon at the Exhibition Centre. It was on last year, but I’ve been told was much smaller. This year they were expecting around 7500 people to queue and wander around the space. It was heaven for a geek or a nerd or a dork.

Comicon 2017 Collage

Surprisingly (or not) I took very few pictures while we were there. I took my two sons, aged 16 and 19 with me and they are little camera shy creatures. Sarah was there as well, but she went having #friendhygge and wandered well away from us, only meeting up in time for me to shell out for the bus fare home.

David (on the left) is an English and Creative Writing student at Salford University. He loves Sci Fi and anything like that, so he spent the time cruising the graphic novels, watching the people who are so well dressed up and especially hanging around the Steampunk Emporium. His fascination was the models that someone had made of gruesome experiments.

Science Laboratories Collage

I think his ultimate plan is to write a multiverse novel including vampires, werewolves and Frankenstein. This he told me as we walked around. See, sometimes you need to go somewhere to get the total hygge experience.

James (the one on the right in our family photo above) is an engineer, but he also enjoys sci fi and fantasy. He was just flabbergasted at the costumes people were wearing. He loved the man we saw dressed as Cinderella, and the family who were very matchy matchy as The Incredibles. He hung close to me for the day, and talked about life outside of comics.

My fan-girl moment wasn’t actually for a person, but for a thing. The Iron Throne was there, and David and I both took the chance to be The Monarch for a photo opportunity.


I think it suits me rather well, don’t you think? Very hyggekrog!

Game of Thrones is one of our favourite hygge moments. We’ve introduced Peter to it, and almost every night at the moment we sit and have a couple of episodes. He has finally got into it, and part of the reason for that is because it gets him and the lads together in a room. They enjoy watching him watch the programme, he can’t believe a show can kill off that many characters and still keep going, I just feel happy watching them all enjoy something together.

I know Peter struggles as a man sometimes to find things to share with the lads. He loves football and sport, they don’t get it, they talk Marvel or DC and he shrugs with disinterest; sometimes I know he attends the family movie simply because it’s the family movie rather than something he wants to see.

For years he has dissed Game of Thrones as just a fantasy series, but this year we talked it over. He has always said that I get along with the boys better (similar interests, you see) and I basically gave him the advice to put up and shut up, begin watching and fake it til he makes it with interest for Game of Thrones. Well, he’s not faking it now. He’ll never be one who dresses up as Jon Snow, no matter how I beg him, but he does watch the episodes happily, often 2 or 3 at a time, and I can see a difference in how he and the lads relate now. Better: closer. They’ve benefited from hygge time together.

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50 Ways to Hygge The British Way Book cover

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One thought on “#Comicon2017…. or #ComiconHygge?

  1. What a wonderful day out you had with your boys. Days like this are what blogs were made for, to record special times.
    Love that you got to find out stuff from your boys too.
    Our Dr Who evenings were definitely full of hygge.
    Lisa x


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