Bonus post for Friday!!

Thanks to the wonderful Lis, who shared these photos of Coffee Aroma coffee shop in Lincoln on The Hygge Nook. There’s a reason that group is my favourite group on the web. Not only do loads of people get together and seem happy (most of the time: well, we are real humans after all) but they share so many useful things. Already today we’ve had photos and articles, including one that explains just how hygge Jewish food can be. I’m sharing the photos here for the simple reason that I can then create Pins of them and post them on Pinterest. I want to move in. I’ve picked out my seat, and there’s space next to it for a basket of crochet. You won’t need to wake me up ever, ever, ever.

Lincoln Coffee Shop 2 from Lis HarwoodLincoln Coffee Shop 3 from Lis HarwoodLincoln Coffee Shop from Lis Harwood

And my blood pressure will be through the floor. Books + coffee+ comfy seats + a friend to share them with? =pleasure.

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