A Year of Living Hyggely: free infographic

Somebody taught me how to do infographics. Ok, not really, but I got a few slide examples and I’m always on for a try of anything, so I gave it a go.

I have been wanting to do a Year of Living Hyggely for a while. You know I try to live everyday with a bit of hygge in it, whether it’s Spring, Winter or Summer. Hygge isn’t seasonal. I’ve had my Year of Hygge list in my Filofax for a while now, and finally… finally… got it onto an infographic.

I hope you enjoy it. Please use it, share it, pass it on to those that need it. It’s my gift to you for Thursday. Because you’re worth it.

A year of Living Hyggely

If you prefer a PDF version, you can download it using this link: A year of Living Hyggely

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