July already? A look back on June…

Time flies by, doesn’t it? It’s back to the old feeling that life comes in seasons, and time waits for no man.

I started June off with such great intentions of writing something here everyday. Ha. I think that was optimistic during a month containing a General Election and with work taking off. I think I’ve posted less this month than usual.

Deep Summer respectability

So, here’s a catch up of what called me away.

  1. The General Election. I don’t do politics here, because (duh) hygge, but I like politics as an observer and the General Election had quite a time-intensive approach this year. Thank Goodness it’s over, but I am still hoping that Politicians of any and all colours wake up to the fact that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER AND WE NEED TO LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER. Politics: God’s way of saying Evolution hasn’t worked.
  2. Work. The Office is going well, thank you. July will be my one-year work anniversary and I can hardly believe it. I’m loving my desk job, don’t miss school at all and look forward to starting it every day. That seems remarkable to me after my last year at school which I hated and dreaded going in for. Having a good boss helps.
  3. The Children. Specifically, University visits to see which local university suits James best. They can be quite time-intensive, and take a lot of stairs. Who knew?
  4. Cleaning a house. I can’t pretend my house is any where near clean, or tidy at the moment. The boys are splitting bedrooms, after 15 years of sharing. This is a good sign, but quite sad to think it’s a sign of growing up. They’re still friends, don’t get me wrong, but they need their personal space. That means getting the small room cleared out again and moving a teenager in.
  5. Getting ready to celebrate 60 years of the Beatles at our Church. I’m lucky enough to be a member at St Peter’s Church Woolton, so we’re spending the first weekend in July celebrating. This means the last few weeks of June have been spent preparing.
  6. Christmas. I’m writing my Christmas Hygge book, so that swallows up a lot of spare time at work and home. It’s planned, it just needs the words putting on paper.
  7. Crochet. I found my mojo, courtesy of Jane Crowfoot and a workshop at Black Sheep Wools. Craft is always a good way to find hygge, the act of repetitive work helps to be grounded, in the moment, relaxed… whatever your thing is. I went to a Crochet Pick n Mix Workshop, which is designed to get you thinking like a designer, putting together your own plans and creating your own motifs. Jane’s workshop was so good that I have NO pictures of it at all, just a couple of shots of the book that inspired me and one or two desk-top snaps of the finished item. Behold, a crocheted algae (yes, really)


And I’ve also been happily watching reviews for my books. When you’ve written a book it’s always a panic to see if anybody wants to say anything nice about it. I’m not a pushy marketer, so I don’t like to ask… which I should… It surprises me how many reviews get left for quite frankly badly written books. I can only assume every Facebook friend gets hassled into writing a review, or there are places in India that produce mass reviews. I’m happy with my select but very beautifully organic reviews, thank you.

If you’re interested in the books, you can buy them on Amazon in paperback and e-book versions. Just click through from the pictures.



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