Stocking Fillers for Teenage Boys.

You know your sons are growing up when you ask them what they’d like in their stockings for Christmas and they say things like…


Oh, for the days of youthful innocence when a packet of Top Trumps and a tube of smarties was enough.

But I never give up, if I can help it, so I sat last week and trawled my way through the best sites for stocking fillers that I can think of, making lists of things that are fun enough to be a present and yet don’t smack of desperate mother just filling space.

Once upon a time a few hours spent on Hawkin’s Bazaar would have done, with enough little toys to keep the kids happy for an hour at the early start of a long (it was always a long) Christmas Day. Nowadays, of course, Amazon is my go-to site, with Ebay not far behind. I struggled to come up with a search term that got me anything sensible, so I tended to look for things I knew they liked and tried to see if there was anything in the linked items that was a. small and b. cheap enough.

Teenagers know tat when they see it, so the gifts have to be reasonable enough. They don’t mind useful and they love tech. They’ll even, at a push, take clothing as a gift, although mine do that under sufferance.

I could list everything in the blog post, but I’ve compiled a useful infographic with 56 ideas for teenage boys, excluding Wonder Woman. All the things should be small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking with, say, a 6 inch wide opening and they are all available with canny shopping for less than £10 each.

Stockingfillers for teenage boys


God bless you if, like me, you are contemplating having to buy presents for teenage boys. Let me know what’s worked for you in the past. And have a great weekend! Whatever you’re doing, tell me about it either in the comments below, or leave a comment on my social media. I am on Facebookand Instagram.

And my books are all available from Amazon in paperback and ebook version. I keep rereading the Christmas book and thinking of things I should have put in. Either there will have to be a second edition, or this time next year I’ll have another Christmas book out. If you’d like to read the reviews on them, or to buy them as a gift for everybody in your immediate family as I intend to do this year, I’d be ever so grateful. Just click through the links below.

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