A Self Care Christmas Day 2: An Advent Candle

Have a Special Advent Candle, just for You.

Advent candles are big business in the Scandi nations, and in Germany where I first saw the tall, thin, numbered candles being used to mark off the days until Christmas. I don’t use one of those as my personal advent candle.

A Way to be Present

I like a good, thick Church pillar candle. One that will burn for ages and ages. I probably won’t even burn through it all by Christmas, so I’ll be able to light it well into the New Year. But for the next 24 days at least this will be my Advent Candle.

After the stresses of the day, last thing at night, I like to light the candle which sits on my bedside table, sip the last drink of the day and just relax. I might read, write, draw or listen but I relax, leaning back on my bed and letting the strain of living seep away. It’s a beautiful way to end the day, and leaves me ready to sleep well.

You can buy candle holders with a decent spike from Amazon for as little as £3, while a beeswax candle to match can cost between £5 and £7. Or, if you prefer not to have an open flame next to your bed, use a candle in a jar. I’m keenly awaiting my Christmas Scents order from Lollyrocket Candle Co. Imagine waking to this every day during December?

Its the most wonderful time of the year candle.jpg

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