A Word for the Weekend: Huffle-buffs

It’s Friday! Yay! I have made it through another week and this time I actually made time to write for the blog! So much of my time and energy at the moment is being taken up with writing about happiness for the new book (it will be ready soon) that after I’ve done the paid work there isn’t a lot of energy left for blog writing.

This last weekend, Easter, was taken up with decorating at home. I had six days off and painted from 9 o’clock in the morning until 9 o’clock at night on five of them. Seriously, I only came down the ladder to eat and use the toilet. I must take photographs of my two newly painted rooms before we start using them properly. Just let me finish staging them and I’ll get the pictures done this weekend….

I have a free weekend ahead: no commitments, no family or friends coming to visit. I have the weekend free to do… I’d say nothing, but a weekend at home is never a weekend of nothing. The sun is shining and the windows need washing. I have a hallway to restore to clean and clear utility and a Hygge Nook that is full of whatever was in the hall and has been moved. I fully intend Konmari-ing the stuff and clearing it out of the house. I will be in my huffle-buffs all weekend with no guilt whatsoever.

Huffle-buffs? Yes, that’s the Word for the Weekend this week. It is, according to Susie Dent, 

a Scottish term for the comfy old clothes you slip on at the weekend and intend to lounge around in until further notice.

Those cosy clothes that you wear for lounging and enjoying a lazy weekend.

Huffle Buffs Word for the Weekend

In the winter, it’s easy. I wear a wool v-neck jumper over leggings or loose trousers, possibly jeggings but only if I have worn them in until they are as soft as jersey. Very often you’ll find me in a hoodie made for men, so that the arms are long enough to reach down over my hands and act as gloves.

In the summer, I love loose trousers that skim my ankle. Nothing with zips or fastenings, only ever elasticated waists. I wear loose shirts or blouses of cotton, or in the depths of summer I love vest tops. The clothes have to be comfortable, adaptable, not restrictive. They need to take me from couch to garden to kitchen and back without being out of place. It’s even better if they’re good enough to handle an emergency call out, like to the newsagents for a paper or emergency chocolate. Not absolutely posh, but not so worn that they embarrass you in front of the Vicar or the Headteacher, either of which you are bound to meet the day you dive out in your decorating suit.

I’m taking my lazy weekend (apart from the decluttering) very seriously. I have a new Jamie Oliver recipe to test out, Flaky Pastry Pesto Chicken, on Saturday night and a hankering to make a lemon drizzle cake.  I have This Beautiful Fantastic on Amazon video, which I may well make time for Saturday afternoon. A clean kitchen, a load of washing out on the line, cake sliced and ready to eat and a pot of tea by my side to sip. Bliss.

Tea should be Taken in Solitude

So, what about your weekend? What are your chosen huffle-buffs? What will you be spending any free time doing? Or are you fortunate enough to be free to just be?


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