A Weekend With….. Amy Bull

I had a complaint from a member of the Hygge Nook last week.

To know how unusual that is, you have to remember that this is a group of 11,000 people for whom one of the big arguments last year was whether to put the jam or the cream on first. They’re a friendly, hyggely, accepting lot who appreciate differences add spice but work best when they’re not allowed to be front and centre. When what you vote and who your holy role models are doesn’t matter at all. It’s a great situation, I think, and one I’m happy to be in.

A Weekend With series

The complaint last week (well, it was more of a moan, really) was that I hadn’t put up a new post in the A Weekend With series. I kicked this off again a fortnight ago, with Natasha Phoenix, and then was fully occupied last Thursday (sick) so no post went up. My complainant said that she missed the post, because it’s always interesting to read about other people’s lives and get an insight into how they live and hygge.

The Complainant won’t be too bothered about this week’s post: not because she’s lost her curiosity, but because she’s the Hygge Nook member featured. If she doesn’t know how she lives and enjoys life, there’s not a lot of hope for the rest of us!

Let me introduce, then, Hygge Nook Member and Admin: Amy Bull (snr).

Tell me a little about yourself…. name, location, family

My name is Amy, I am 37 years old. I live in the Suffolk countryside with my husband of 17 years and my Son, 13 and Daughter, 15.


What’s your job title? (paid or unpaid: everybody has a role in life)

I have had many jobs over the years, my Mum says I will never have a normal job and I totally agree! I began working as a debt collector for an electricity company (very uhygge) then I was offered a job as an administrative assistant with the Ministry of Defence working with the RAF Regiment. I absolutely loved this job but when I married Andy in 2001 at 20 years old, we moved out to Cyprus. Andy was in the RAF and we spent two years out there, coming home with a baby girl. I worked in a bar on the beach. It was amazing.

When we came home I then had my baby boy and was a stay at home mum until I landed another job as a Verger in an English Cathedral. 5 years I spent looking after that beautiful church. I met the Queen and Prince Charles. But then I became very ill. It was a difficult time in my life. For six years I couldn’t work and had many, many operations on my head.

But nothing was going to keep me down. I fought illness as well as severe depression. I still struggle with my mental health but oh my, Hygge has turned my outlook on life around.

So after doing an undergraduate certificate in astrophysics, I taught primary school children astronomy for about a year. But I was still fighting my illness and I had to resign myself to the fact I needed to look after myself.

So now to the present day. I am so lucky having found the job I do now. I am a transport administrator for a heavy haulage company. I began doing a few hours to help out but as I started to feel better and better I did more hours and became more involved with the business. I work in a beautiful office that was an old stable and at the weekends I get my tomboy on and wash the lorries. If I get bored I take my Boss’s three Spaniels and my puppy Loki (he always comes to work with me) for a walk in the paddock down the lane. It is full of wildflowers and it takes my breath away every time.

Who knows what is next!


When did you first hear about hygge?

I heard about Hygge when Meik Wiking’s book was a best seller. I must admit the look of the book won me over but then after reading it I was hooked. I realised I had been doing it for years and not knowing it. I love the autumn and winter. Brisk walks, bubble baths, cuddling up on the sofa with my family, cooking a hearty stew to share, sitting at the table with candles alight.

I then searched for groups on Facebook and came across the Nook. I haven’t looked back since and have made many awesome friends.


What does hygge mean to you?

Hygge to me means family, friends, food, cosiness, all together if possible!

Tell me about your perfect hygge day… what would you do, who would you be with and where would you spend it?


I would spend it with my family. We would walk the dogs for miles on a frosty, misty autumn day, boots crunching through the fallen leaves.

We would then go back to one of our homes and cook a good old English roast dinner before all sitting round and eating together, laughing and joking and just appreciating being in the moment.

Then we would make our way home and I would enjoy a candle lit bubble bath with candles and a good book before getting into warm fluffy pyjamas and slippers and cuddling up on the sofa under a blanket and crocheting while watching a film.


That last photo is Amy’s legs after washing the lorries down. I am well jealous of her getting to drive the big lorries. I love plant machinery, and spent hours watching tractors, JCBs or anything with wheels when the children were little. I’d still watch now: it’s my friends that have moved on in their interests.

Remember to look up at the stars


Do you live a hyggely life? Do you love your life? Would you love to share the things that make you happy and keep you balanced with others? It’s quite simple. Cut or copy and answer the questions below in an email and send it to me at hyggejem@gmail.com Put “A Weekend With” in the subject header, and include 2 or 3 photos that show hygge at work in your life. These should be photos you are happy to share on the web, so please, nothing featuring children, or showing addresses or other private information. They will only be used on the blog, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The True Secret of Happiness.jpg

Here are the questions I’d like to know the answers to:

Tell me a little about yourself…. name, location, family

What’s your job title? (paid or unpaid: everybody has a role in life)

When did you first hear about hygge?

What does hygge mean to you?

Tell me about your perfect hygge day… what would you do, who would you be with and where would you spend it?

Would you like to share links to any places on social media? Websites, social media pages etc to do with your life or business, or that you have found particularly helpful in your hygge life?

Write your answers…. long or short… and include a couple of photos, or a quote that you find sums up your attitude to living, and send it to me:


Hygge is all about appreciating the small pleasures in life to feel happier. Crafting and creating helps in that process. Writing this blog is one small way I keep hygge at work. You can find details about all my books, and how to connect with me on social media on the Start Here page of my blog.

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