Cosy Happy Hygge: A monthly dose of happiness direct to your inbox

From September I am launching a monthly newsletter full of hygge. The aim is that once a month you will get a little hit of loveliness in your mail box, with book reviews, ideas for seasonal hygge, links to articles and people I have enjoyed that make life feel happier, recipes to use and basically just a place to share all the little pleasures of life.


Sign up should be easy… either use the large orange box below or just send me an email to stating “I give permission for you to add me to the Cosy Happy Hygge newsletter list”. I’m not asking for any personal details beyond your email: I won’t sell lists on to anyone, nor share them with another soul, so you’re guaranteed that the only emails you should get off me are the monthly hygge newsletters, hopefully around the start of the month.

I don’t (except for my own books) have any products to sell or promote. I’m hoping to keep the newsletter free from paid promotions and advertising*. Nothing is less hygge to me than an advert for gas central heating popping up between the books and the apple pie recipe. Hygge is such an uncommercial thing anyway: the point is that it takes nothing except time and costs nothing except effort.

I’m busy at the moment compiling the first newsletter ready for launch in about 2 weeks time. I’ve never done newsletters before, so this is a new experience for me. Wish me luck! Oh, and do please subscribe, won’t you? Let’s make the winter of 2018 the hyggeliest ever, yes?

Atmosphere Companionship Hahnemann quote 1 Hygge is all about appreciating the small pleasures in life to feel happier. Crafting and creating helps in that process. Writing this blog is one small way I keep hygge at work. You can find details about all my books, and how to connect with me on social media on the Start Here page of my blog.

*That said, I may have affiliate links in the newsletter, usually to Amazon. The little money I make from this gets ploughed straight back into books to review for the website…. saving me cash and letting me review more books as well!

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