Spinning tops? No, I prefer spinning wool.

It’s a peculiar thing about my life that Wednesday seems to be my spinning tops day. You know what I mean, the day when everything happens or seems to creep up and you spend the day in a tizzy wondering what to do next, or following a list that you had the foresight to write out the night before and getting three entries in before you remember that you forgot to add a couple more appointments or activities that need seeing to as well.

Life is busy, thank God. A still life would leave me bored, or mean I had to do important work, while a busy life lets me off answering the big questions like why and how I’m here and lets me fritter my powers away on such important details as whether I clean behind the oven tonight or tomorrow when the new stove gets delivered.

It’s immaterial anyway, as I’m either busy or out from 3pm until bedtime, so it will, of course, get done at the last moment. Any way, I have a to do list at work and a need to complete it before 2.30 at the latest.

Hansen Hygge quote 1 (2)

To do lists are the bane of my life, and so often stop me from enjoying a peaceful moment. On days like today, when my head is spinning faster than a spinning top, I sometimes find I have to just stop: put the list down and play hookey. Even just a half hour off-list can make me feel more relaxed. A whole afternoon of playing hookey is even better, but rarely achieved. I may try and finish off most of my to do list by 2pm, and leave slightly early so that I arrive home with a little spare time before my pupil turns up. I know what I’ll do then:

Make a pot of real tea. Perhaps Earl Grey, but more likely Spiced Pumpkin Pie chai. I’ll take my favourite mug and a small jug of water with me.

Slide away into my cosy space. I’m blessed to have a choice of sitting rooms now. I cleaned, tidied and as long as I kept it clear, the small family playroom is now my hygge nook. I’ll curl up on the settee there. Possibly under a crochet blanket, perhaps I’ll turn my heater on just for a short while.

I will read. Today’s book is Escape to the Country, the second in a series by Alison Sherlock. It’s warm and cosy romance, and I’m addicted to it.

I will also set the timer for 5 minutes before my pupil arrives. Time enough to brush hair, and get myself into Governess mode.

There, I don’t know about you, but the thought has me relaxing already. And if that doesn’t work, I have crochet group tonight. A couple of hours rippling to and fro in colours that scream 1920s glamour will have me smiling again.



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