Cultivating Gratitude and Joy: Wholehearted Living Series Guidepost 4

Joy and Gratitude are spiritual practices Brene Brown

Gratitude is a much used word at the moment. Be grateful for what you have, give thanks in all circumstances, bless the Universe for its gifts….

I love how Brené gets to the heart of the matter here: we can have a Gratitude Attitude as much as we like, but until we put it into regular (daily, hourly, minutely) practice, we’re just paying lipservice to the idea. We can speak of gratitude, but until we actually take note of how many things we have to be grateful for, until we literally do ‘Count Your Blessings’ and carry that knowledge with us, we miss the benefits.

My Gratitude practice is simple (it has to be: anything complicated or involving real effort and I’m out of there like a rabbit when the fox pops by) and mostly involves two physical actions:

  • I have a page in my planner, whichever current planner I’m using, that is titled ‘Gratitude List’ and hopefully once a day or at the very least once or twice a week I just jot down two or three items that I’m grateful for. These can be mundane items, like thank Goodness for painkillers when you have a headache, or deeper things like thank Goddess for that breath of inspiration as I walked through the forest.
  • I have a Gratitude Jar on the side in my dining room and a memo block. I note down special events or moments on the paper and slip it into the jar. The plan is that come next Midwinter or New Year’s Eve I’ll open the jar, read the notes and feel the gratitude I felt at the time again. However I’m feeling at the time, however dark my life, I hope that my body will remember the gratitude I felt at that time and flood me with joy.

Joy is so much more intrinsic than happiness, according to Brené. Her research shows that it’s very clearly linked to gratitude and awareness of how good life is despite present circumstances, not because of.

Happiness is tied to circumstance and joyfulness is tied to spirit and gratitude

Brené Brown

We need, she says, to accept that fear and anxiety will prevent us from feeling as joyful about our life as we could be. If we fear losing the happiness we have, if we’re afraid of the inevitable dark times ahead, we can’t let ourselves enjoy what we have. We need to create an atmosphere of sufficiency; the knowledge inside ourselves that all we have is all we need, that we have enough and are enough for the life we have at this moment. The most ordinary of moments become the most precious gold in our lives.

Joy is what happens to us when we recognise how good things really are Marianne Williamson

Admitting our emotions, being honest when we’re worried or anxious that something in our life is not enough or good enough (whether that’s external, like the food at a party, or internal like our own personal self-image) and then being able to rise above that fear and say “I have enough: I am enough: I can be enough just as I am”… that’s pure power. And that power, to rest in myself at this moment and know that I am enough, that I have enough…. for that, I am eternally grateful.

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