Magazine Monday: happinez issue 19 Love

happinez (the spelling and use of lower case is how they spell their own name) is a magazine dedicated to spirituality and bliss. I picked it up on a trip to an art gallery, where the red cover and content teasers intrigued me.

happinez magazine

So much of hygge ties in to a quasi-spiritual path, with the emphasis on nature, togetherness, finding your happy and enjoying life just as it is, that I often find myself reading magazines and books with a spiritual focus, despite not being what I think of as a very ‘holy’ person. It describes itself as a mindstyle magazine, and covers spirituality, lifestyle, travel, psychology, food, relationships… life, basically.

happinez still gonna shine quote

The whole magazine has a beautiful aesthetic: there are plenty of quotes throughout chosen to encourage you to think, mull over and carry the wisdom you gain from it with you. I love how so many pages are photos, with an emphasis on natural settings or settings that are designed to relax the reader. I don’t think this will ever be a neon orange and vibrant yellow magazine, but this is the first issue I’ve ever bought, so I could be proven wrong.

happinez content page

Navigating the magazine is easy, with a clear contents page and articles separated out into topics. Inspiration, Insights and Interviews…. I like the holistic approach, rather than having my wellbeing broken down into physical, mental and spiritual. My body and brain don’t work as a set of disparate elements, so why should magazines treat them as such? Transferable skills are equally useful with the Boss at work or when you’re calming a toddler. Life is one big, beautiful mess.

happinez A Circle of Women

I found the breadth of articles interesting as well. There’s a lot of Eastern style philosophies (Gandhi and an interesting article on Sadhguru, the author of a fascinating-sounding book called Inner Engineering) but also more Western experiences. I find myself intrigued by the idea of the Spirit Weavers, a circle gathering of women who meet in Oregon. I feel there is the presence of great power whenever women come together, perhaps that’s just me being romantic, or perhaps because women do have a shared experience and shared worldview that supercedes location or language; that shared experience gives us a power we very rarely acknowledge and are sometimes too ready to give away.

happinez The Druids Path

I possibly should come clean here and say that the inclusion of a whole article on Druidry was a big draw of the magazine for me when I bought it. I’ve always been intrigued, captivated by Celtic spirituality, and early British religion; that interest has grown stronger recently and I’m seriously looking into how following a Druids’ path could help me strengthen my relationship with the land and other people. I admire the deep love and respect for Nature that druids have, the long links that the religion has with the land I live in (there’s roads nearby called Druid’s Park and Druid’s Cross, as well as stones in our local park that are as old as Stonehenge and may well have been used on a smaller scale but a similar way) and the fact that Druidry has such a feeling of interconnectedness, that the sacred and mundane are the same and that life, in all its phases, is special.

happinez Druid Quote

There is a dossier, eight pages long, on ways to de-stress. It’s a very practical read, containing advice on spotting the signs of stress, how modern life is creating a state of permanent stress (we no longer run from the scary bears occasionally, but deal with the irritating bugbears of office life every single day) and a really valuable piece of advice: the way we deal with stress is as individual as we are. That means being prepared to experiment and find the solutions that work for you at that moment, rather than adopt wholesale another person’s techniques: that said, the article gives you a choice of the most popular stress-busting techniques to try out, such as breathing, gratitude thinking, forest bathing and anchoring your day with oases of calm. It’s like a really good self-help book but condensed down to a short, easy read.

happinez de stress lessons

And, again, this is where the hygge of the magazine comes out. Those ‘anchors in your day’ will almost certainly be hygge moments: a cup of tea sipped slowly, a walk in the woods, that half hour you spend eating lunch away from your desk. Alone, or with others, hygge is a de-stress tool you need to keep near.

happinez anchors in your day

At £6.95 and published four times a year, happinez is an interesting addition to my magazine collection. It’s eclectic enough to keep me interested, with food articles and interior articles as well as the more spiritual or wellbeing stories. I haven’t got a subscription yet, but I will definitely look out for the next edition and pick it up, while the inspiration I have gleaned from this one has sent me off searching for more information on several things that grabbed my notice.

You can find Happinez on the web on their own Happinez website, their Facebook page, an Instagram feed full of meaningful quotes and on Pinterest which seems, beautifully, to be curated by the magazine’s home base in the Netherlands.

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Cosy Happy Hygge

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