Christmas of Hope 2020: Peaceful Blessings to You All.

And I’m done. I’ve made it to Christmas Eve with a blog post every day, and plenty of hope for Christmas and the days ahead, I hope. Whatever 2021 holds for us, we can get through it with patience, trust and a ton full of hope… hope for a better world, hope for a peaceful life and hope, most of all, that we humans remember that, when the chips are down and our backs against the wall, wisdom comes from love, not hate.

I’m staying away from the blog for Romjul, taking time to enjoy my family, plan my next moves and possibly start my next book (I have an idea formulating at the beack of my head…)

Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone who reads my blog, follows me on Social Media and knows me in real life a very peaceful, happy Christmas and a healthy, prosperous and germ-free New Year: see you in 2021!

6 thoughts on “Christmas of Hope 2020: Peaceful Blessings to You All.

  1. Thanks for all your inspiring posts Jo. Hope you have a happy, healthy Christmas and let’s hope 2021 is a better year for us all x


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