Catching my Breath

This year so far has been an absolute racing drive. Can you believe it’s nearly May? Or that this is my first post in April? That we’ve had Easter? That my daughter is nearly finished in her second year at University, that Second Son is nearly finished completely and that I am still alive???

Actually, today, that last one is a real surprise to me. I feel like one of those gyroscope things that rolls round and round, spinning endlessly until the momentum drops enough and it clatters, unceremoniously, to the floor. I’m just at the point where the spinning slows down. I’m not sure whether to jump before I fall, or whether to wait and see exactly how impressive the noise I make as I hit the ground could be.

Whatever, I know I’ll be picking myself up, dusting myself down and getting back on to the spinning top of life. There isn’t another option. It’s spin, or stay still.

My year has been about creating sanctuary, and I’m still working on making my life, home and heart a sacred space. Easter helped, it gave me a focus for the season and had me looking into the role of women within my (lightly held) Christian faith. I think women have been too easily sidelined in Churches too authoritarian and hidebound to think women could manage theology, philosophy and thinking. I think women still get told, all be it not in spoken words any more, that their interests and concerns are too petty for this world. And yet… and yet… we speak up.

So, my inspiration for creating sanctuary this month going into May is an anchoress, a mystic from Norwich, who preached the love of God, the beauty of Creation and the power of Nature. And acceptance.

All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.

I think I need this tattooing to the inside of my eyes for the days when I close them in frustration, anger or incredulity. I’ll be back with a longer, better post on Julian later this season, and also lists of free hygge, Spring into Summer hygge and how to release tension from a tightly clenched jaw. It’s that kind of a year.

And now for a word from our sponsors….

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Happier: Probably my most personal book, it’s the story of how I used hygge and the little things in life to help boost my happiness. I still go back and reread to remind myself what I need to do to be a happy human. And it’s always the little things.

Planning ahead, early, is How to Hygge Your Summer. It has ideas for taking your hygge with you out of winter and to any place you go in the summer… the beach, the park, your holidays. Hygge is an all-year feeling, so start preparing and let’s hygge the heck out of summer this year!

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The regular photo I’m currently using between text and my book promotions is a photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash. It’s sunflowers, in honour of Ukraine, since war is crazy and horrible and about as uhygge as you can get. If you’d like to donate to help the refugees fleeing, please give to the emergency appeal in your country. In the UK I’m giving to the DEC Ukrainian appeal. And my header is by processingly on Unsplash. I liked the calm of the sea, and the idea that it is possible to sit quietly and listen to it. All shall be well. Indeed.

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  1. Great to see a post from you. I hope the world stops spinning long enough for you to fully catch your breath before you need to settle in for the ride again.

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