scandinavian embroidery

Hygge Book: Scandinavian Needlecraft by Clare Youngs

Hygge is intrinsically linked with sitting by the fire, but I’m bad at doing nothing. I like keeping my hands busy, and I like swapping out my crafts if I can. This book is ideal for me, because it’s not all one sort of embroidery, but a collection of quite a few.


Scandinavian Needlecraft is written by Clare Youngs and published by Cico Books.  The foreword says that “Simplicity is always at the heart of Clare’s designs and… anyone can have a go.”

Published in 2010, the book must count as riding the front of the Scandinavian fascination wave. I love that in her introduction Clare says  that the colours are chosen with care “to make the home a comfortable and welcoming place. It is all about hygge– a Danish word that means a sense of well being, a comfortable feeling, coziness, and pleasure in the simple things in life.”  That’s my earliest mention of hygge, then. 2010. I wonder if Clare is still as happy with hygge now? I will try to find her online and see.

Scandinavian hygge 2010

The book is arranged in 5 chapters: Bags, Gifts, Kitchen, Clothing and Soft Furnishings. Each chapter contains between 5 and 10 projects ranging in size and complexity from a simple bird garland to large-scale projects such as a duvet cover. Most use free embroidery by hand, but there are some machine embroidery projects and a few applique projects as well.

There’s a good range of projects, some for making for children and others that would be lovely to make for any age. I also felt that the ideas would be easy to adapt, so that a scarf embroidery would make a beautiful pillow edging or cushion instead.


The templates and a chapter on techniques complete the book. Full colour instructions for all stitches used mean even a beginner embroiderer could have a go, while there is a range of materials suggested that don’t actually cost the earth, so experimenting and developing skills wouldn’t be too costly. I’ve added quite a few of the project ideas to my craft queue (like I needed more to do) and I will be making some this summer. Embroidery can be such an easily portable hobby, can’t it?

scandinavian embroidery

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50 Ways to Hygge The British Way Book cover

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